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Mizuno Pro 225 Black (Limited Quantities Available)

Special edition irons in the black ION finish don’t last long. The Mizuno Pro 225 has just released a limited quantity of these Mizuno Pro 225 irons featuring the Dynamic Gold 105 Black Onyx S300 Shafts. If you are in the market for something unique, with an impressive feel and high-quality production, the Mizuno Pro 225 Black irons could be the perfect fit for your game.

What Do The Mizuno Pro 225 Black Irons Offer?

The Mizuno Pro 225 irons feature the Hot Blade design for golfers looking for a mix of feel and distance performance. The combination of technologies in the Mizuno Pro 225 irons

Forged Design

The Mizuno Pro 225 Black irons are forged in the Mizuno factory in Hiroshima, Japan. The irons have been produced in this facility for decades, and the attention to detail and quality is recognized worldwide.
With a forged design, expect a more buttery feel at impact. The forgiving process favors the golfer, who can recognize feel and how it plays into ball flight and control.

1025 Carbon Steel

The Mizuno Pro 225 black irons are made with an impressive 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel in the 9 iron and pitching wedge. We love the fact that Mizuno acknowledged needing a slightly softer and more responsive feel in these shorter irons.
The Mizuno Pro 225 Black irons are compact, which encourages players to make consistent contact with the center of the face.

Blade Looking Profile

With the Mizuno Pro 225 Black irons, you will feel as though you have a traditional blade in the bag, even though there is a bit more to these than a traditional blade. From the address position and while in the bag, expect the Mizuno Pro 225 to look like a blade.
However, in the longer irons, there is a bit of a wider sole, and the Grain Flow Forged 4135 Chromoly Face and Neck improves the overall consistency and distance capability. If you aren’t quite ready for a true blade but want most of the benefits, this is a smart choice.

What About Swing Speed?

With this being a limited release, it’s important to make sure the Mizuno Pro 225 Black is the right fit for your golf game. These irons are considered to be a playable blade-looking club for the mid to lower-handicap golfer. In addition, with the Dynamic Gold 105 Black Onyx S300 shaft, players will need a little extra swing speed to generate the distance and performance they are looking for.

Final Thoughts

The limited quantities of the Mizuno Pro 225 Black won’t last long. If you are ready for a clean-looking golf iron that stands out when you swing it and when it’s in the bag, the Mizuno Pro 225 Black is a great choice. If customization is what you need in your golf irons, then the traditional Mizuno Pro 225 is available in any specification, shaft, and set makeup that you would like.

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