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Mizuno Pro 24X Irons

Get ready for the all-new Mizuno 24X Series Irons. Mizuno has unveiled its latest lineup, promising significant improvements over its predecessors. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual golfer, these irons are designed to offer you precision, performance, and that classic Mizuno feel.

The Mizuno 24X Series introduces three distinct iron models, each tailored to cater to different player categories. 

Mizuno Pro 241 Irons

Player Category: Better player/professional
Design: Forged compact head with a muscleback blade design
These muscleback irons are all about delivering the utmost in feel, control, and aesthetics for discerning golfers. The design enhancements include improved turf interaction, a tapered blade design for a smaller appearance at address, and shorter blade lengths for enhanced control.

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons

Player Category: Better player
Design: Forged cavity back with a copper underlay
These irons boast wider and longer micro-slots for increased ball speeds and better launch, a redesigned sole shape for improved turf interaction, a more compact look at address, and a seamless blend of lofts in the shorter irons.

Mizuno Pro 245 Irons

Player Category: Game-improvement
Design: Hollow body construction with internal tungsten weighting (2-7 iron)
These game-improvement irons offer precision distance and tour-level speed, hidden within a smaller player-preferred package. They feature enhanced ball speed thanks to increased tungsten weighting in the longer irons and an improved multi-thickness CorTech face for added ball speed and distance stability on off-center hits.

The design team at Mizuno left no stone unturned to ensure that each model in the 24X Series meets and exceeds golfer expectations. These irons are not only technologically advanced but also slightly smaller than their predecessors.

The Classic Mizuno Feel

Mizuno is well aware of the expectations golfers have when it comes to the feel of their irons. Even with all the technological refinements, the Mizuno Pro 24X Series maintains that classic Mizuno feel.

Harmonic Impact Testing (HIT): Engineers use HIT to predict the frequencies that the iron head emits upon impact, ensuring a sound and feel that resonates with golfers.

Soft Copper Underlay: Mizuno goes back to its roots by adding a soft copper underlay beneath the layers of nickel and chrome during the plating process. This underlay enhances the feel of every iron model in the series.

Small Changes, Big Differences

One of the most significant but often unnoticed changes in the Mizuno Pro 24X irons lies in the sole design.

Bounce Optimization: Mizuno uses its shaft optimizer fitting tool to collect swing data from golfers. This data, along with input from Mizuno staff players, led to refinements in the sole design. The result is more bounce in the shorter irons across all three sets. This change directly caters to golfers' needs, particularly those with faster swing speeds, by preventing the club from digging into the turf.

For left-handed golfers, the new 241 and 245 models will be available in 4-pitching wedge configurations.

The Mizuno 24X Series Irons are a testament to Mizuno's commitment to providing golfers with top-tier equipment. With a choice of models catering to different player categories, meticulous attention to detail, classic Mizuno feel, and small yet significant improvements, these irons are set to make a lasting impact in the world of golf. Get ready to take your game to the next level with the Mizuno 24X Series.  Available January 2024 at!

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