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Mizuno S-23 Wedge (Tons of Spin, Custom Shaft Options)

It always seems like there are fewer wedges to make it to the market each year than drivers and irons. So when Mizuno announced the new S-23 wedge, we were excited to see what they had to offer and how this has changed from previous models of Mizuno wedges. The first thing that will stand out about the new Mizuno S-23 is precision. If you want a bit more help in your game with control around the greens, the Mizuno S-23 wedge could be a great fit for your needs.

Mizuno S-23 Wedge: Features and Benefits

The most important characteristics that golfers look for in a new wedge are spin and control. With the Mizuno Grain Flow Forging and HydroFlow MicroGrooves, the S-23 is a tour-ready design.

Grain Flow Forging

A wedge created from one single piece of metal certainly has a more stable and pure feel to it than other options on the market. The Mizuno S-23 is forged in Hiroshima, and the feel will stand out as buttery on these new S-23 wedges.

For golfers that have invested in irons with a better feel, the S-23 is a great way to transition into the wedges of the set.

Centered Sweet Spot

Over the last few years, we have seen golf manufacturers start to incorporate a bit of forgiveness back into the wedges that golfers play with. As great as precision and spin are in the wedge, it is also really important to have some help on those missed shots.

If you are looking for a higher spin overall but still want that larger sweet spot, the S-23 is a great solution. The toe weighted design also has a heel orientated cavity that centers the sweet spot and allows you to miss it without getting into too much trouble.

Players are noticing more spin because of this added forgiveness.

Players Preferred Look At Address

Unfortunately, adding forgiveness to a wedge can often take away from the look. That won’t be the case with the Mizuno S-23. The player preferred tour ready design has a clean top-down look and impressive turf interaction.

Quad Cut Milled Loft Specific Grooves

The Mizuno S-23 wedges have grooves that are built to last. The grooves are cut into 1025 mild carbon steel with Boron infused into the head of the wedge. The combination of materials ensures that even avid golfers have grooves that will last for years to come.

In addition, the shaping of the grooves will change slightly as you move from the lower to the higher lofted wedges. For those looking for a complete wedge set replacement in 2023, the loft-specific grooves can help.

Final Thoughts

At Fairway Jockey, we have customization options for the Mizuno S-23 wedges so that every player can find a match for their game. In addition, Mizuno S-23 wedges come in the White Satin Brush Chrome, or Copper Cobalt finishes. There are also four grind options to choose from. Stop by to order your Mizuno S-23 wedges today.

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