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New Miura Putters Release KM1 & KM2

Miura golf clubs are known for their precision, performance, and feel. When you think of the golf game as a whole, the area where this precision performance and feel matters the most is the putting green. Miura putters are a natural choice for any golfer that is interested in premium greenside performance and feel. With the release of the new KM1 and KM2 blade style putters, golfers will have their choice of two very impressive designs that are sure to perform on the golf course. 

Miura KM1 Putter: Everything To Know 

The new Miura KM1 is a blade style putter made from a 303 Japanese Stainless Steel. The Miura KM1 is engineered under very tight tolerances, just as the Miura irons are. The face of the putter features a deep milled face pattern to promote a more consistent roll coming off the club head. 

From the top down look, you will notice a rolled top line and plumbing neck that allows for more confidence at address. If you are a golfer that looks for more stability and consistency around the greens, this putter will help provide that. 

The face and body are CNC milled, and the finish is a satin chrome. The grip is a custom Cabretta leather in the standard size. The bottom line here is that you will end up with a new putter that has grabbed all of the greatest elements of a classic blade design and combined them into a high performing club head. 

  • Made from 303 Japanese stainless steel
  • Stable and consistent at impact 
  • CNC Milled
  • Satin Chome finish 
  • Custom Cabretta leather grip 

Miura KM2 Putter: Everything To Know

The Miura KM2 is another blade style design manufactured from the same 303 Japanese Stainless Steel. This putter features the same back cavity with the Miura retro logo for a very clean and impressive overall look. 

The major difference you will notice between the KM1 and the KM2 is the top line. The top line on the KM2 is flatter and a bit more narrow. For golfers that enjoy more of a squared-off look as opposed to a rolled look from the top will enjoy the KM2 putter design. 

The performance of this putter includes an incredible feel as it was manufactured with only the highest quality materials. The satin chrome finish that we saw in the KM1 will also be included in the KM2 design. 

  • Made from 303 Japanese stainless steel 
  • Squared off at address
  • CNC milled 
  • Satin Chrome finish 
  • Custom Cabretta leather grip 


Miura only brings new technology to the market when they feel as though there has been an advancement in technology, feel, player improvement, etc. The release of the new KM1 and KM2 means that Miura has something to offer golfers. If you are ready for a new blade design putter in 2022 and need a club with the highest level of quality, the Miura KM1 or KM2 could be a great option to consider. The feel and precision included in the putters will work for any golfer.


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