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Odyssey 2 Ball Ten Putters

If you have been playing golf for an extended period of time, chances are you have played with an Odyssey 2 Ball putter somewhere along the way. Even though the original 2 Ball putters are no longer being produced, Odyssey knows that these are some of the best the company ever had. The fact that the 2 Ball was brought back in the new Odyssey 2 Ball Ten helps the modern golfer benefit from this alignment and feel technology that we have come to know from Odyssey. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of the 2 Ball Ten and why you may want to try this putter. 

White Hot Insert

It would be hard to recognize a 2 Ball putter without the White Hot Insert. The insert in the 2 Ball Ten is the most popular insert of all time, and it has a tremendous feel, sound, and overall performance. If you are particular about the way the ball comes off the clubface, this is a putter that you will greatly benefit from. 

High MOI

When the ball comes off the clubface of the Odyssey 2 Ball Ten putter, you will notice that it has an extremely high MOI. The higher MOI is there to help improve overall consistency and give golfers more confidence in their abilities on the golf course. 

The thing that really helps the 2 Ball Ten putter stand out is that the feel is relatively soft and forgiving, yet the roll is strong and stays on the line the entire way to the hole. It’s hard to find a combination like this in a putter. 

Stroke Lab Shaft 

The Odyssey Stroke Lab Shaft is one of the highest performing putter shafts on the market. With this Stroke Lab Shaft, you can benefit from a partial steel, partial graphite shaft with a great feel and a significant reduction in weight from a standard golf putter shaft. 

By making this shaft partly steel, seven grams of weight were saved. The weight savings allows for more maneuverability in the clubhead and a perfected center of gravity. 

Head Design 

As we have seen with most of the best golf putter heads on the market, the head design can no longer be just one option. Some putter lines come out, and there are five or six different options to choose from. There are a few different choices with the Odyssey 2 Ball Ten, and they will all impact the top-down look. 

  • Tour Lined: The Tour Lined 2 Ball Ten has a black line down the center of the two white circles on the top of the club. This helps to ensure that you always have a clear alignment aid. 
  • Two-Ball Ten: The standard Two Ball Ten is a clean-looking design that has a similar look to the original 2 Ball putter, except the surrounding putter body is black and not chrome. 
  • Triple Track: The Triple Track is for the golfers that need the most help with alignment. These three lines help you aim and ensure that your putting stroke stays on track.


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