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Odyssey Toulon Design Putters: Who Are They For?

When Odyssey releases a new line of putters, there is typically some excitement from players about the possibility that they could open up in their game. Odyssey Toulon putters are a premium line in 2022 that has been improved and perfected to meet the needs of more players. We consider the Odyssey putters to be high-end putters with impressive feedback and feel, but the Toulon name takes things to the next level. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the Odyssey Toulon design putters and whether or not they will be a good fit for your game. 

Features and Benefits: Odyssey Toulon Design Putters

This brand new release of the 2022 Toulon putters is quite impressive. You will notice that all of the clubs in the lineup are offered in the Midnight Black finish. The putters look incredible, but there is much more to these than the look. 

Diamond Groove Mill Pattern

With most Odyssey putters, we are used to the White Hot Face insert that gives them the signature feel. However, with the new Toulon design, you will notice that there are full face grooves on the face of the putter. 

The grooves are there to encourage a better roll and better reaction between the club head and the ball. The grooves will help to control the vibration that you feel at impact so that the Toulon design putters feel as smooth as possible. 

Stroke Lab Technology `

Even after all the benefits we have seen with Stroke Lab Weighting and shaft technology, Odyssey is still one of the only companies to offer it. The multi-material golf shafts save up to 40 grams of weight in the shaft. This weight savings is not used to make the putter lighter but instead to redistribute it into the head and grip. 

This weight redistribution improves the tempo and consistency that players can get. 

Adjustable Weighting System 

The Toulon Design putter has a new adjustable weighting system that has helped to increase the technology that we see in these golf putters. The two split-weight design allows golfers to move weight forward or towards the toe and heel of the club. This means that you can improve several performance attributes with one weighting system. 

The weighting will help improve the MOI when you strike the ball and help with the consistency you experience. The fitting facts in a putter head are critical, and golfers should be paying attention to ensure that their golf putters are fit to the needs of their game. 


Another great feature of the Odyssey Toulon golf putters is that they come in several different models for golfers to choose from. Whether looking for a blade or a mallet-style putter, you will have no problem finding the technology you need from Odyssey. 

The blade-style designs appeal to the golfer that likes the classic look with very lean lines. The modern mallets have impressive alignment systems to help with both distance control and overall accuracy. 

The bottom line is that the Odyssey Toulon design Putters can help any golfer from a low handicap to a high handicapper. If you want the best feel in the game, impressive accuracy, and overall functionality that stands out from the crowd, try the Odyssey Toulon Design Putters today.


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