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Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Putters: What To Know

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K putters are a brand new release and an original design. This putter focuses specifically on the golfers that enjoy the blade-style putter. Blade putters are the classic design and look we have loved for many years, but the modern mallet has started to take over. Odyssey wanted to focus on a great line of just blades. Some of the technology seen in the Tri Hot 5k is very advanced and certainly worth trying. 

Features and Benefits: Odyssey Tri Hot 5k Putters

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5k is a new blade putter construction using new materials and features some brand new shaping that we haven’t seen before. Here are the most important features to consider if you look for a new blade putter in 2022. 

Tight Dispersion 

Dispersion is something that needs to be considered even in putting. When you miss a putt, you will want the miss to be as small as possible. In fact, sometimes, when you only miss by a little bit, you may still catch the edge of the cup. 

Reducing side spin on the face and keeping the center of gravity more forward, the Tri Hot 5k putters are more forgiving than we have seen in the past from a blade. Even if you are a mid to high handicapper that needs a bit of forgiveness from a putter, the Tri Hot can do it. 

Tungsten Front Weights

Keeping forgiveness as the primary goal, Tungsten Front Weights were installed to help keep the center of gravity forward and increase inertia. The great thing about these Tungsten weights is that they are available in aluminum, steel, or tungsten, and they are interchangeable. 

Putters with adjustability help ensure that you get a product that will work for your game for years to come. Putting well requires golfers to be very precise in their performance, and the tungsten front weights will undoubtedly allow for fine-tuned performance. 

White Hot Insert

What is an Odyssey blade putter without the White Hot Insert? The original insert that put Odyssey on the map is back on the market. The White Hot insert helps give golfers an improved feel, sound, and overall performance. The White Hot insert is one of the best on the market. 

Red Stroke Lab Shaft 

The Stroke Lab shaft is one of the most unique golf putter shafts on the market. Stroke Lab combines both graphite and steel material to give golfers the perfect combination of weight and feel. The Stroke Lab Shaft is lighter than a standard golf putter shaft, and this has allowed weight to be redistributed into the clubhead. 

Who Should Play With The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K?

The new Odyssey Tri Hot 5K is a perfect golf putter for a player that has stayed away from a blade putter due to lack of forgiveness. Blade putters can be forgiving, and Odyssey has just proved that with the Tri Hot 5k. If you want the consistency and feel that you get from a blade putter, the Tri Hot 5K is an excellent option with the forgiveness of a mallet.

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