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Peter Malnati WITB - Valspar Championship

A seasoned PGA Tour member, Peter Malnati's journey to victory is not just about skill and strategy but also about the personal touches that make his game uniquely his. Join...

A seasoned PGA Tour member, Peter Malnati's journey to victory is not just about skill and strategy but also about the personal touches that make his game uniquely his. Join us as we delve into the bag of this two-time PGA Tour winner and discover the tools that propelled him to success.

Peter Malnati's illustrious career spans over a decade on the PGA Tour, marked by remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to the sport. With two victories under his belt, including the recent triumph at the 2024 Valspar Championship, Malnati's journey epitomizes the relentless pursuit of excellence in the face of challenges.

The 2024 Valspar Championship not only marked Malnati's return to the winner's circle but also granted him a coveted invitation to the Masters at Augusta National, a milestone in any golfer's career. Amidst the cheers of victory, Malnati stood tall, surrounded by his cherished family, a testament to the unwavering support that fuels his passion for the game.

As a Titleist Brand Ambassador, Peter Malnati entrusts his game to a full set of Titleist golf clubs, each meticulously chosen to suit his playing style and preferences. 


While driving might not be Malnati's strongest suit, his TSR3 Driver paired with Project X Denali Blue 60 TX shaft offers the perfect balance of power and precision, providing him with the confidence to tackle any fairway.

Fairway Wood

Opting for the reliable performance of the TSi3 Fairway Wood paired with a Fujikura Ventus TR BLue 70 TX shaft, Malnati demonstrates his preference for consistency and control, ensuring impeccable shots from the tee to the green.


Embracing the versatility of a hybrid, Malnati defies convention, relying on his Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid (19 degree) with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 95 X shaft, trusty club to navigate challenging lies with ease, a testament to his adaptive playing style.


Malnati's iron setup embodies a harmonious blend of forgiveness and precision, catering to the demands of every shot with unparalleled consistency and control.  As an ambassador to the Titleist brand, Malnati plays the T200 in his 4-iron, T150 in his 5-iron and T100 in his 6-9 irons with True Temper AMT Tour White S400 Shafts.


With a meticulous selection of wedges, Malnati fine-tunes his short game, leveraging spin and precision with his Titleist Vokey Design SM10 (48, 52, 56, 60) to conquer any pin position with confidence and finesse.  His wedges are paired with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Shafts.


Malnati's putting prowess is elevated by the precision-engineered design of his Scotty Cameron TourType Special Select Masterful 1.5 Tour Prototype putter, a reliable companion in pursuit of the perfect putt.


Malnati's choice of yellow Titleist Pro V1x golf balls adds a personal touch to his game, embodying a heartwarming connection to his family.  Beyond performance, these vibrant golf balls serve as a constant reminder of the love and support that fuels Malnati's competitive spirit on the course.


Peter Malnati's triumphant journey at the 2024 Valspar Championship stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication, skill, and the precision of his Titleist arsenal. As he continues to etch his legacy on the PGA Tour, Malnati's winning formula remains rooted in passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence with every swing.


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