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Phil Mickelson WITB - PGA Championship Winner


As you will notice as we go through the clubs in Phil Mickelson’s bag, he is a player that likes to try some unique equipment. Being a lefty, he sees the course a bit different than a right-handed player, and it likely plays into his equipment choices. 

Currently, Phil is using the Callaway Epic Speed Driver with a Fujikura Ventus Black shaft. The interesting thing about this driver is that he has it set to 5.5 degrees. With all we have learned about launch and loft in the world of club fitting this may seem a bit low. However, Phil was driving it past the young guys with this club in his hand. 


Phil had two woods in his bag during the PGA Championship. The first is a TaylorMade Original Mini One with 11.5 degrees of loft. Many would use this as a driver; Phil uses it more like a 2 wood. If he gets to a hole that needs a safe shot, this is the club he takes out. 

In addition, he has a Mavrik Sub Zero 4 wood with about 14 degrees of loft. This gives Phil a very well-rounded long game setup. 


Phil’s irons are mixed with the X Forged UT in the long irons and then the Callaway Apex MB in the short irons. This set makeup gives him a bit more forgiveness in the long irons while maximizing the feel in the short irons. The new Apex MB are some of the better-looking Callaway clubs on the market. 


If there is a part of the game that makes Phil Mickelson stand out, it would, without a doubt, be the short game. Phil carries the 52. 55 and 60 degree Callaway PM Grind wedges. He takes the 60 degree out of his bag a bit more often than other players. However, when he hits it as close as he does, we certainly don’t blame him. 


Whenever Phil plays well, it’s because his putter is in sync that day. Phil has always been a fan of a more clean blade-style putter. Currently, he has an Odyssey PM Prototype that worked quite well on both long and short putts. Phil with the blade putter is something that we certainly don’t expect to change anytime soon. 

Phil plays around with equipment from one tournament to the next. Although this is what he had in his bag this week, you can expect it to change as he moves from one tournament to the next. For the most part, expect to see mostly Callaway golf clubs in the bag.

Throughout these WITB series, we try to explain that golfers’ bags need to be flexible and ever-changing. Depending on the course a player is competing at, they may put an extra long iron in the bag and take out a fairway wood. These are common changes that happen quite often. We saw a perfect example of this during the PGA Championship with Phil Mickelson. Fifteen minutes before his round, the 1 iron he had in his back cracked. Mickelson sent his caddy to grab the backup 4 wood they had if an issue like this should occur. That 4 wood seemed to have worked out just fine, considering Phil won the event. Let’s take a look at the other clubs that helped Phil become the oldest major champion of all time. 


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