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Ping Blueprint S and T Irons

The golf world witnessed a remarkable start on the tour with Matt Fitzpatrick clinching a victory towards the end of 2023 using the Ping Blueprint irons. Now, the spotlight shifts to the latest additions – the Ping Blueprint S and T irons. What sets these irons apart, and why have they become the preferred choice among top-level players?

The First Look

The allure of the Blueprint irons lies in their stunning 8620 carbon steel construction, exuding the classic Ping look and feel. The T features a sleek muscle back design, while the S boasts a brilliant cavity-back iron. Both irons captivate with their aesthetics, but what distinguishes them? 

Ping Blueprint S Irons

The Blueprint S showcases a forged cavity-back design with a compact shape, thin topline, and minimal offset – a visual delight for any golfer. Crafted from forged 8620 carbon steel, the hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish adds a touch of elegance. An elastomer insert concealed in the iron's pocket ensures a solid feel and sound characteristic of Ping clubs. The Precision Pocket Forging in the 3, 4, and 5 irons saves 10 grams of weight, enhancing the moment of inertia (MOI) and optimizing the center of gravity for improved distance and trajectory control.

In the Blueprint S, Ping achieves brilliance in workability, making it a quick favorite among players. The irons boast an impressive combination of feel, sound, and looks, making them easy to shape the ball and glide through the turf. Consistent distance and control, coupled with added forgiveness in the longer irons, make the Blueprint S an accessible and high-performing option.

Ping Blueprint T

Designed for highly skilled golfers, the Blueprint T is a single-piece marvel made from 8620 carbon steel. The premium finish combines with superior control and feel, making it a go-to choice for players seeking workability. A shorter heel-face height and narrow soles contribute to a clean appearance at address, while precision-milled grooves ensure the preferred launch and spin for players reliant on pinpoint control. The high-density toe screw and tip weight offer precise swing weight control and a slight boost in MOI.

Meanwhile, the Blueprint T embodies everything a high-skilled player desires in a blade – exceptional control, spin, and a touch of forgiveness with the toe screw for added stability. Both irons seamlessly work as a combo set, and the option to add i230s for extra forgiveness expands their versatility.


The Ping Blueprint S and T irons have not only earned swift popularity but also the trust of top-level players. With victories expected in 2024, these irons stand as a testament to Ping's unwavering commitment to innovation, performance, and playability. Elevate your game with the winning combination of the Blueprint S and T.


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