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Ping G430 MAX 10K Driver

A Game-Changer in Forgiveness and MOI

PING, known for its meticulous release cycles, has surprised the golf world with the introduction of the new G430 MAX 10K driver in 2024. This addition to the G430 lineup brings innovation to the forefront, promising golfers unparalleled forgiveness and a moment of inertia (MOI) value that exceeds 10,000.

The 10K MOI – Beyond Limits

The standout feature of the G430 MAX 10K is its remarkable MOI exceeding 10,000. While the official measurement hovers around 10,100 in PING's CAD software, the real-world performance surpasses expectations. Understanding the MOI limit set by the USGA is crucial, and PING has ingeniously pushed the limits by enhancing not just heel-to-toe resistance but also top-to-bottom deflection.

Design Innovations

To achieve the groundbreaking 10,000 MOI, PING employed three key design strategies:

Maximum Allowable Footprint

The G430 MAX 10K breaks the traditional mold by expanding the physical dimensions of the driver, pushing the limits set by the USGA.
A larger profile allowed for a shallower face, enabling PING to make the driver faster and maintain ball speed neutrality.

Carbon Fiber Crown

Featuring PING’s CarbonFly Wrap Crown, similar to the G430 LST, the G430 MAX 10K's larger crown contributes to greater weight savings without compromising performance.

28-gram Back Weight

The G430 MAX 10K incorporates a fixed 28-gram back weight, the heaviest PING has ever used, providing a low and back center of gravity for enhanced forgiveness.

Performance Breakdown

The G430 MAX 10K promises a revolution in performance, focusing on straighter shots and tighter dispersion areas. PING's claim of a 16% smaller dispersion area compared to the standard G430 MAX speaks volumes about the club's ability to deliver consistent ball speed and accuracy.

Is it Right for You?

The G430 MAX 10K caters to golfers seeking to minimize extreme misses. While its high MOI benefits players of all skill levels, it particularly aids those who struggle with shot dispersion. Fitting considerations include head speed, spin, and shot-shape correction preferences.

PING’s Co-Pilot Fitting Software

To simplify the decision-making process, PING offers its Co-Pilot fitting software. By entering relevant data, golfers can receive scores for each driver, aiding in choosing the optimal model for their game.

On Tour

Despite its emphasis on forgiveness, the G430 MAX 10K finds a place on the PGA Tour, especially among players seeking to maximize MOI. This dispels the notion that high MOI drivers are only beneficial for average golfers.

Aesthetics and Sound

Visually, the G430 MAX 10K may appear extreme, but its performance outweighs any concerns. The driver's sound profile is described as less muted than existing models, providing a satisfying auditory experience.


The PING G430 MAX 10K stands out as a driver worth trying in 2024, offering straighter drives without compromising distance, a promising shift in the industry's focus towards on-course results.


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