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Ping i525 Irons

The Ping i525 irons are a brand new release to the market and a highly anticipated design for many golfers. As always with Ping, we have seen some new technology and incredible feel with the new Ping i525 irons, something that golfers should be considered for an upgrade in 2022. If you are wondering what these irons have to offer and whether they could be a good fit for your golf game. 

Players Distance Iron

The Ping i525 is a player's distance iron. If you are a lower handicap player seeking ultimate feel and precision but don’t want to give up any yardage, the Ping i525 is a perfect solution. With the Ping i525 irons, golfers will have a very clean looking clubhead that hides a slightly wider sole quite well. 

Forged Maraging Steel Face 

The forged face on the Ping i525 certainly helps improve the overall feel and consistency. When lower handicap players use a forged golf iron, they will have much more control over the ball and improved performance. 

The structure of the clubface is also going to feature variable thickness. The variable thickness helps increase forgiveness just a bit, something that most golfers will have a hard time complaining about. 

EVA Polymer

Ping is known for the impressive feel in its golf irons. However, this does not mean Ping will just let things be. They continue to work to be the best feeling golf irons in the industry. The new Ping i525 features an EVA polymer material that has an impressive feel without taking away any of distance technology. 

These clubs are then finished with the Hydropearl 2.0 Chrome finish, which is also water repellent. You will get a great connection with the clubface even when hitting out of some wet rough. 

Improved Groove Technology 

The Micromax grooves are the latest groove technology from Ping. Essentially this is a new groove pattern that features very tight spacing between the grooves. With the tighter spacing, Ping was able to fit four more grooves on the club head. 

If you are a player that is looking for that extra spin in the short irons, the Ping i525 irons will have it. These clubs were developed for the lower handicap player that also wants precision and control on their long irons. 

Perimeter Weighting

Perimeter weighting is often discussed on a game-improvement style iron designed for the higher handicap golfers. However, with the new Tungsten Toe and Shaft Tip Weights, Ping was able to maximize perimeter weighting and still offer tremendous ball speeds for golfers. 

Ping golf irons last a long time, but if you have a set that is more than a few years old and you think that a long-distance iron with lots of control and consistency could be a fit for your game, the Ping i525 golf iron is a great option to consider. With this being new to the market, it is available for custom fitting with Fairway Jockey.


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