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PING i530

If you're seeking enhanced distance, precision, and a confidence-inspiring design, these irons are tailored just for you.  Check out what is in Ping's new i530 irons.

Compact Design, Explosive Distance

The Ping i530 irons are engineered for golfers who crave a compact, blade-style head without sacrificing distance. The secret lies in the forged, highly flexible maraging steel C300 face meticulously welded to a stainless steel hollow body. This innovative design enables significant distance gains, thanks to the face bending that produces faster ball speeds and tighter dispersion. With each swing, experience the thrill of watching your ball soar higher and farther down the fairway, approaching the green with precision.

Hollow-Body Innovation

The hollow-body construction of the i530 irons is a testament to Ping's commitment to pushing the boundaries of golf technology. By allowing for face bending, these irons generate faster ball speeds and increased distance. The arcing sole cascade further enhances flexing, ensuring maximum height with the stopping power needed to conquer any green. Whether you're attacking a par 5 or navigating a challenging par 3, these irons instill confidence in your game.

Blade-Like Precision, Enhanced Forgiveness

For those who appreciate the sleek aesthetics of a blade iron, the Ping i530 delivers with its compact head, thin top line, narrow sole, and shallow face height. The clean, premium look is not just for show; it's a result of innovative machining techniques that optimize weight distribution for improved forgiveness and tighter dispersion. With each swing, feel the confidence surge through your veins as you witness the unmatched precision and forgiveness of these irons.

Consistent Performance in All Conditions

Equipped with precision-milled MicroMax grooves, the Ping i530 irons ensure consistent launch and spin, regardless of the conditions. Tighter spacing and more grooves translate to score-lowering performance, allowing you to attack pins with confidence from any lie. Whether you're faced with a tight fairway or a challenging bunker shot, these irons provide the consistency and control needed to elevate your game.

Powerful Feel, Customized Performance

With a lower CG and strategically placed polymer, the Ping i530 irons offer a unique blend of power and feel. Experience the satisfying sensation of crisp contact with each shot, knowing that maximum face bending and ball speed are at your fingertips. Plus, with tungsten toe screws and shaft tip weights for swing weight fine-tuning, you can customize your performance to suit your individual playing style.


The Ping i530 irons represent a paradigm shift in golfing technology, offering golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to elevate their game to new heights. With a compact design, explosive distance, blade-like precision, and customized performance options, these irons are poised to revolutionize the way you play golf. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to limitless potential with the Ping i530 irons from Fairway Jockey.

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