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Ping PLD Milled Putters

Designed to elevate your putting to new heights, these putters offer a perfect blend of precision engineering, tour-inspired design, and personalized customization. 

Tour-Inspired Design

At the heart of the PLD Milled Putters lies a commitment to excellence inspired by tour players. With five new models available, including the Anser, Anser 2D, Oslo 3, DS72, and Ally Blue 4, each putter is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of elite golfers. From the classic Anser to the modern DS72, there's a model to suit every stroke and preference.

Premium Construction

Crafted from forged 303 stainless steel, four of the new models boast a sleek gunmetal finish that exudes quality and sophistication. The deep AMP (Aggressive Milling Pattern) face technology ensures optimal sound, feel, and speed, providing you with the confidence to make every putt count. With over four hours of milling time dedicated to each putter, you can expect nothing less than perfection in every aspect of its construction.

Exceptional Forgiveness

The Ally Blue 4 stands out as a multi-material mallet designed for maximum forgiveness and alignment. Featuring a fully machined three-piece design, it combines an aluminum body, stainless steel soleplate, and aluminum hosel to create an incredibly high-MOI putter. The result? Enhanced stability and accuracy on every stroke, even on off-center hits.

Experience the Difference

With the Ping PLD Milled Putters, you're not just getting a golf club – you're getting a precision-engineered masterpiece designed to improve your putting performance. From the first stroke to the last, you'll feel the difference that superior craftsmanship and personalized customization can make. Elevate your game with the PLD Milled Putters and experience putting like never before.


Don't settle for mediocrity on the green. Step up your putting game with the new Ping PLD Milled Putters and take control of your performance. With tour-inspired design, premium construction, exceptional forgiveness, and personalized customization options, these putters are in a league of their own. Visit to discover the perfect PLD Milled Putter for you. Putt with confidence, precision, and style – choose Ping.


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