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Process Of A Phone Fitting For New Golf Equipment

Steps To A Golf Club Phone Fitting With Fairway Jockey 

Fairway Jockey is one of the only companies on the market to offer a full and complete phone fitting with a certified representative. The people you talk to at Fairway Jockey are well versed in the latest equipment, and they understand fitting parameters. Here is what to expect when you give Fairway Jockey golf club phone fitters a call. 

Step 1: Schedule A Phone Fitting And Make A Call

The first step in this process is to schedule your fitting. You can take either a 30 or 60-minute session with a certified club fitter to discuss a new driver, irons, wedge, or just the shaft of the new clubs that you will want. 

The sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes long, and you will have to choose that length of time before scheduling your call. 

Once you have your appointment, you simply call in; we recommend having your current golf clubs nearby if the fitters have any questions about the specifications of the golf clubs you are currently using. 

Step 2: Talk To Representative

Now you will talk to a representative about the specifications of your current clubs, some pain points in your game, and the goals that you are trying to accomplish with your golf game. Chances are, the Fairway Jockey phone fitter will talk to you about your preferences and explain some of the new technology available to players. 

Having a person that understands the world of golf equipment guide you will make this big purchase much easier. 

Step 3: Club Build Out

Once you and your phone fitter decide on the perfect set of golf clubs for your game, you will then be able to order your clubs directly through Fairway Jockey. They will start working on your set right away, and your phone fitter will keep an eye on all steps of this order to make sure that your final product is exactly as you discussed.  

Step 4: Receive Golf Clubs and Refund For Club Fitting

Finally, the best part of this process is the day you receive your new golf equipment. In addition to your new clubs, you will also get a full refund for the phone fitting cost you paid at the start of the process. As long as you purchase your clubs through Fairway Jockey, the phone fitting becomes a free service. 

For peace of mind about your next set of clubs, there is no question that the process of a phone fitting for new golf equipment is well worth it.

If you are in the market for new golf clubs, you have probably heard of the importance of a golf club fitting. Ensuring that the equipment you are using is the proper fit for your game will help to make you much more prepared when on the course. However, not all golfers want to go to a full in-person golf fitting. In addition, most players know that purchasing golf clubs without any guidance or direction could be an expensive mistake. It’s essential to understand the different club fitting options available to you, and a phone fitting is a smart one to consider. 


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