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Project X VRTX Wood Shaft

Project X has some of the most used golf shafts among both amateur and professional golfers. 

The new Project X VRTX golf shafts come in two different models the VRTX Blue and the VRTX Red. If you are trying to decide if either of these shafts could be a good fit for your golf game, we have all the details you need. In addition, Fairway Jockey will offer the Project X VRTX wood shaft for purchase so you can fine tune the performance of your clubs today. 


The VRTX Blue is the shaft for the slightly faster swinging player. Golfers with a moderate tempo looking for a lower trajectory and lower spin will enjoy what the VRTX Blue has to offer. 

One of the technologies that Project X was very careful to implement in the VRTX is stability. With more than 20 years of club fitting expertise, it’s easy to see that stability at impact is essential for improved performance. 

The VRTX Blue produces a mid to low ball flight and comes in the 5.5, 6, and 6.5 flex. If you are a golfer that often feels some inconsistency at impact, the VRTX Blue is an excellent choice to consider. In addition, with the lower spin and trajectory, faster swing speed, players are noticing extra yards. 


Where the VRTX Blue caters to the faster swing speed players, the VRTX Red is built for golfers with a slightly slower or more deliberate swing speed. When Project X refers to you as a deliberate tempo player, your swing speed is often a bit more controlled. 

The VRTX Red is a softer-feeling shaft. 

Although it is stable at impact, the softer and smoother profile can help to maximize speed and total distance. The VRTX shafts are more lightweight than other Project X shafts. This lightweight design increases trajectory as well as forgiveness and spin. 

The Project X VRTX Red Wood Shaft comes in the 4, 5, 5.5, and 6 flex, perfectly matched to the slower swinging players that need just a little help squaring the clubface and generating power. 

Each of the VRTX shafts from Project X is available in a variety of weight options ranging from 47 to 67 grams. This wide range of weight offerings will help you find a match that is specifically fitted for your golf swing. 

Final Thoughts 

The Project X VRTX wood shafts are designed to help golfers who are looking for more distance as well as increased accuracy in their golf game. If you feel as though your driver clubhead is still a good fit for your game but it is time to replace the shaft, the Project X VRTX wood shaft is a perfect solution to consider. 

At Fairway Jockey, you can find a variety of flexes, weights, and options to choose from. Talk to a Fairway Jockey representative to make sure you are getting a shaft that will work specifically in your driver or Fairway wood. 


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