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Proto Concept Irons: Everything to Know

When a new golf iron comes to market that claims to be better than anything the golf world has seen before, players want to get their hands on it. Golfers are always looking for the next best thing, which puts golf manufacturers in a great position. If you are looking for new irons this year and want something different that hasn’t quite reached its peak position in the marketplace just yet, the Proto Concept irons could be the place to start looking. The design is attractive, and the performance is quite impressive; let’s take a deeper look into the Proto Concept irons and the story behind this new release. 

Proto Concept Irons Features and Benefits

One of the most critical mentalities that Proto Concept wanted to bring to the market is that there will never be a golf iron that checks every box for every player. You can’t get a golf club that is the best in distance, workability, feel forgiveness, spin, and more. This is not possible because some of these features work against each other in golf club design.

Proto Concept took the features that players are looking for most, distance, feel, forgiveness and workability, and they perfected those in four individual iron models. Each of these models has a very specific performance benefit, and it is clearly defined for golfers to see.

In addition to the impressive concept behind these irons, they are also manufactured with very high standards and only the best materials. 


The CO7 is a soft yet distance-producing cavity back iron. If you like to hit the ball a long way but don’t want to play with an iron that feels like you are hitting a rock, this is a great option to consider.


The CO5 is another cavity-back model that also allows for plenty of forgiveness and maneuverability. Most of the time, you won’t be able to maneuver a golf ball all that well in the cavity back form, but this is more of a tour cavity that allows you to work the golf ball. 


The CO3 is a cavity back with precision forging. The result is a club that feels great, performs like a player’s iron but still offers the forgiveness and distance that better players will need. The CO3 Proto Concept Irons also have a slightly thinner-looking club head. 


The CO1 is the signature iron, and it is a muscle back created for the players that demand the highest level of feel and performance from a club. The club head is manufactured with titanium and provides a very soft feel at impact without sacrificing performance in any way. 

Who Should Play Proto Concept Irons 

The great thing about the new Proto Concept irons is that they bring a new idea to the world of golf. Players can stop looking for an iron that will be a decent performer in all categories and instead zero in on the thing that means the most to you with your iron play.  These Proto Concept irons are impressive, and if you are looking for something that will change the way you look at your golf iron game, this could do it.


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