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PXG 0317 CB Irons

The PXG 0317 CB irons combine playability, consistency, and high spin rates in a compact and great-looking iron head; what more could golfers ask for? At Fairway Jockey, we just added the custom PXG 0317 CB irons to our lineup and are excited to share some of what this club has to offer. If you are ready to start working the ball, improving overall shot-making ability, and capitalizing on scoring opportunities, this could be a club to consider. 

PXG 0317 CB Irons: Features and Benefits 

The PXG 0317 CB irons are cavity-back designed clubs with a more streamlined look than we have seen with the PXG golf irons in the past. Like every club in the PXG lineup, great attention was paid to detail in the PXG 0317 CB irons. 

Small Workable Club Head Design 

Available in a chrome or black finish, the PXG 0317 CB irons have a unique and appealing look to them. If you like the thin player style club but still find the cavity back style is the best fit for your game, the 0317 CB is a great option. 

Without a doubt, this is a clean-looking iron head. 

High Spin Performance 

Highly skilled players want ultimate control on their iron shots to the green. With the PXG 0317 CB irons, you benefit from solid body performance and limited face movement at impact. If you strike the ball well, you will be rewarded with high levels of spin and impressive control. 

Impressive Distance Control Capability 

The PXG 0317 golf irons are developed with the better player in mind, so lofts will be a bit more traditional. However, the key performance indicator here is distance control. If you need the ability to hit your short irons the same distance on command, you will find that technology in the PXG 0317 irons. 

Unmatched Consistency 

One great iron shot is nice, but it’s not enough. Consistency is key in any iron you play, but it becomes even more important for the better player. The idea here was to create a golf iron that you can trust and return to knowing exactly what to expect. 

When a golf manufacturer can combine power and precision, it’s often something that could make sense to upgrade to. 


Although the PXG 0317 irons are available stock from Fairway Jockey, this is an iron that you will want to take full advantage of by customizing it with the proper shaft, length, lie angle, and 

grip for your game. 

Fairway Jockey custom fitting options offer choices for golfers, including the best players in the game. If you think it’s time for something different, this could be the set for you. 

Final Thoughts

The PXG 0317 CB irons are available custom through Fairway Jockey in the 3-GW. With an iron like this, you will want to ensure you have the proper shaft in place, with the correct lie angle, club length, and grip style. Talk to a Fairway Jockey representative today to get set up with your new PXG 0317 CB irons. 


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