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PXG Gen 6 Line

With the release of the PXG 0311 Gen 6 golf clubs, we see a little bit of the old mixed with the new. Classic looking with a modern twist, pure feel with incredible technology, and a price point that falls in the middle of the PXG lineup of clubs. Let’s take a look at one of the more recent additions to the Fairway Jockey custom club lineup, the PXG Gen 6 0311 line.

Drivers and Fairways (0311 Gen 6 and 0311 Gen 6 XF)

There are two drivers in the new PXG 0311 Gen 6 line, the standard model and the XF. One of the things that stands out about the driver is the traditional tear drop look and curved crown. If you find yourself looking for a more classic look from the top down, the 0311 Gen 6 Driver could be a good choice.
Another impressive feature here is the adjustable weighting system. With lots of adjustability in the head, this mid spin driver can accommodate any player in the game.
PXG set out to combine maximum distance with plenty of forgiveness and a high MOI in this new 0311 Gen 6 Line. The explosive sound and pure feel will remind you why you play the game of golf.
The XF model is a bit more forgiving and has a slightly different shape; both models are available with a wide range of custom shafts from Fairway Jockey.

Irons (0311 P Gen 6 and 0311 XP Gen 6)

Golfers often expect golf equipment to check all of the boxes, and that can be difficult to do. You may be asking a lot if you want incredible distance and ball speed while still benefiting from workability and pure sound.
However, with the new PXG 0311 Gen 6 irons, the new patented XCOR2 material helps to give golfers performance that they have not been able to achieve in the past.
The irons feature moderate offset and a very clean-looking club head. If you want to zero in on some flags, this could be the iron to do it with. The XP model offers just a bit more forgiveness, and both sets are offered in the Chrome or Dark finish.

Hybrids (0311 Gen 6 and 0311 Gen 6 XF)

To bridge the gap between the fairway and irons, you may want to consider the new 0311 Gen 6 hybrid. There are again two models here to choose from the Gen 6 and the Gen 6 XF.
The lower spinning Gen 6 has a high MOI and high ball speeds. In addition, when tested against previous models, the goal was to tighten the dispersion. Looking from the top down, you will notice an aerodynamic design that blends in quite nicely with the PXG 0311 irons.
The hybrids have a low center of gravity and high launch, and the XF model offers that extra forgiveness that many amateur players need.

Final Thoughts

The entire new line of PXG Gen 6 golf products is available at Fairway Jockey with a variety of custom shaft offerings. If it's time to upgrade your set in 2023, get them custom fitted to match the needs of your game.


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