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PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls

Golf ball manufacturers are very well established. Companies like Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and even Vice have been around for years and own a huge percentage of the market share. It takes quite a bit for a new golf ball company to break into the mix, but PXG has done it for 2023. The new PXG Xtreme Premium golf balls have been released, and they have some impressive features and technology. If you are ready to give a new ball a try, the PXG Xtreme Premium could be one to look at.

PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls (What Makes Them Unique?)

The PXG Xtreme Premium golf balls are high compression, have tons of spin, and will launch high. With the PXG Xtreme Premium Golf balls, you can expect a big distance without giving up on control.

338 Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern on a golf ball impacts the aerodynamics and the way the ball flies. With this particular alignment, you can expect plenty of distance and a high penetrating trajectory. Golfers that want to maximize distance know that a higher trajectory is key, and the PXG Xtreme Premium will help you achieve that.

Urethane Cover

A common trait among almost all premium golf balls is a responsive urethane cover. Urethane is designed to maximize spin and improve overall control around the green. In addition, with improvements to golf ball technology, you are also left with impressive durability in the PXG Xtreme golf ball cover.
With the ball being made for the higher swing speed player, it can withstand quite a bit.

Firm Ionomer Mantle Layer

The softer outer cover helps improve overall spin and feel, but just inside that; you will find an ionomer mantle layer. This layer is where all the speed comes from. With greater speed, you should also find greater distance.
The inner core of the golf ball is a high C.O.R. polybutadiene material. This technology may be
new to the market, but it’s USGA approved and ready for you to give it a try.

Alignment Aid

We can’t forget about the PXG Xtreme Premium golf balls on the putting green. You can benefit from the soft Urethane cover, but the real stand-out feature here is the alignment aid on the ball.
The alignment aid will help improve your confidence and allow you to sink more putts.
Golfers have been using the logo and model name on a golf ball as an alignment aid for years. However, you will notice that the PXG Xtreme Premium has a more distinct aid specifically to be used as a tool.

Final Thoughts

The impressive PXG Xtreme Premium golf balls have a price point that puts them in between budget and premium golf balls. With three-piece technology, distance off the tee, and spin around the greens, the PXG Xtreme Premium is a golf ball that’s perfect for a higher-swing speed player looking to maximize distance. The high compression will resist your speed a bit and produce tremendous ball speed benefits.


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