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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor: Is It Worth It?

A launch monitor is a tool that can give golfers tremendous insight into their golf game. Having a launch monitor to track your golf swing and give you instant data about your performance is a significant advance in golf technology. Years ago, you would have to wait for a golf course to have a fitting day or schedule a custom fitting with a launch monitor. Today things are different, and golfers can have a personal launch monitor with them on the range at all times. One of the most accurate and highest achieving of these personal launch monitors is the Rapsodo Mobile launch monitor. Let’s take a look at some of the specifics to see if this could be a match for your golf game and practice routine. 

Use Your Own Phone 

Some launch monitors require you to purchase quite a bit of equipment to get the setup, and the environment perfect to work with. With the Rapsodo, you won’t have this concern; simply plug your iPhone or iPad into the launch monitor, and the machine is ready to go. If you know how to use your phone, you will have no issues learning how to use the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor.

Instant Video Replay 

Sometimes seeing is believing. If you don’t believe the information that the Rapsodo is giving, take a look at the last swing you just took and see why the distance was off or the spin rates were too high. Sometimes a swing flaw will stand out quite easily. Having a combination of video and golf swing data makes the Rapsodo Launch Monitor extremely effective. 

Accuracy and Easy Of Use 

When it comes to shot distance, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, and launch angle, the Rapsodo is highly accurate. We won’t tell you that the accuracy is as good as a Trackman, but for a mobile unit that plugs into your phone, you will be pleasantly surprised by what is offered with the Rapsodo. 

Set Up In Less Than 30 Seconds

If you are headed to the range for a quick practice session, setting up the Rapsodo will only set you back about 30 seconds. It’s hard to complain about an extra 30 seconds of time to ensure that your practice session is accurate and effective. Break down, and cleanup will be about 30 seconds as well. 

Can Use Indoors or Out 

Perhaps one of the best features of the Rapsodo Mobile Launch monitor is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have space for a golf simulator set up in your home, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor makes a great affordable option to use as your launch monitor. 

In addition, when the weather gets nice, and you are back outside playing golf, simply bring the Rapsodo outside, and it will work just as well. Having the data necessary to analyze your golf game and take it to the next level is essential. Collecting this data in an affordable and effortless way is what the Rapsodo Mobile Launch monitor can do for your golf game.


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