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Rukket Sports: Practice Solutions For Your Entire Game

Whether you love golf practice or not, there is no denying the fact that it is effective. Being a great golfer takes a time commitment. Rukket Sports works to make your practice more effective, more efficient, and ultimately more fun. If you are looking for practice solutions for your game from the tee to the green, look at some of these new Rukket products at Fairway Jockey. 

Practicing From Home 

At-home golf practice has become an extremely popular way to improve and lower your golf scores. For golf practice at home to make sense, it has to be convenient and safe at the same time. If a net takes you three hours to set up, you aren’t going to pull it out on a Thursday afternoon to get ready for your weekend round. 

The Rukket Sports Portable Driving Range can have you set up to practice in a matter of seconds. The pop up net may not be the biggest in the lineup, but it includes everything you need to feel as though you are practicing at the course. 

If you have an area of your home or backyard that you can dedicate to practice, the Rukket Sports Haack Pro Golf Net is a solution to consider. The great thing about the Haack is it comes in a few different sizes and styles to suit the needs of any player. 

Finally, so you don’t tear up all the grass you have at your home, the Rukket Sports turf mat gives you several different materials to hit from. If you want to practice from the short grass or the thick rough, you can. 

Skill Development 

The key to a successful practice session is bringing what you learned to the golf course. Finding the right practice tools will make that easier. 

Instead of just chipping golf balls around the house, work on aim, trajectory, and distance control with the Rukket Sports Pop Up Pitching and Chipping target. The Pitching and Chipping target gives you something to aim at, a goal and some really impressive visualization practice for your next round of golf. 

If you are working on skill development, we can’t leave out putting. Rukket makes a large but affordable 2 in 1 Putting Green. Standing on the mat you practice putting with is a tremendous benefit.  

Practice from a variety of angles and make your putting practice more like the experience you will have on the golf course. 

Make Practice More Fun 

Need a little motivation to put more time into practicing? Consider the Rukket Sports Whack A Haack Chipping Game or the Rukket Sports Tiki Island poolside chipping game. Practicing golf with family and friends and turning it into a game is a fun way to get in those extra hours working on your game and see great results. 

All of the Rukket Sports products are available on the Fairway Jockey website. Take a look today if you are ready to take your game to the next level because of the time you are putting in off the course. 


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