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Scotty Cameron 2022 Putters

The highly anticipated release of the new Phantom putters from Scotty Cameron is just around the corner. With Scotty Cameron being the most well-known premium putter on the market, it’s hard to ignore a new release to the market. The great thing about this new line of putters is that they have already been tour tested and proven, making them a reliable investment for the amateur player. Let’s take a look at the Scotty Cameron 2022 putters and what you can expect. 

Scotty Cameron 2022 Putters: Features and Benefits

The first group of these putters is expected to release in mid-April. The new Phantom putters have been entirely redesigned and geared towards improving that feel and consistency we have come to expect from Scotty Cameron. 

High MOI Design 

The Phantom series of putters from Scotty Cameron are all mallet head designs, and they come in seven different shapes. Each of these shapes will have its own unique performance attributes; however, one thing that is kept in common across the board is a high MOI. The higher Moment of Inertia allows a golf ball to start off on a path and then remain on that path throughout the entire putt. The end result is a ball that stays on its line and drops in the hole. 

Top Down Look

One of the things that Scotty Cameron is always working on is the top-down look of their putter models. With the new Phantom X putters, you will notice that the look is confidence-inducing, but just as clean and square looking as we have seen in the past. Standing over the new Phantom Scotty Cameron putters, you will not doubt your ability to make the putt. 

Easy Alignment

Golfers love the Scotty Cameron blades for their feel, but the alignment lines are short. If you are a player that knows alignment is your weakness, the new Scotty Cameron 2022 Phantom putters could be a great fit. The way the putter sits, the coloring, and the lines themselves ensure that the ball is always starting out on the proper path. 


The weighting of the new Scotty Cameron 2022 putters has also been analyzed and improved. There are stainless steel wings on many of the mallet head designs that help to increase weight while also improving forgiveness. If you are playing on faster or slower greens, this extra weight can help produce more stability at impact. 

Premium Materials and Feel

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X golf putters are made with 6061 aluminum and stainless steel components. The premium materials allow for less glare at setup, impressive feel, and great sound. There is no denying the fact that Scotty Cameron makes some of the best feeling putters in the game. These Phantom models have been tested on tour for quite some time, and amateurs can have full confidence that this is a modern and effective design. 


The new Scotty Cameron putters are released in two groups over the next few months, and they are bound to bring a refresh to any golfer's game. One of the most important parts of purchasing a 2022 Scotty Cameron is getting the proper settings, shaft, and grip. Fairway Jockey offers full customization of all the Scotty Cameron putters, and you can start pre-ordering today.

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