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Scotty Cameron Special Select Jet Set Putter Line

Scotty Cameron has just released their brand new line of Newport blade putters. These are part of the Special Select Jet Set Putter line. If you like clean-looking blade putters from one of the top putter brands and designers of all time, this line could be for you. The Special Select Jet Set comes in five different models and features an impressive feel and technology. Let’s take a deeper look into what you can expect with the Scotty Cameron Special Select Jet Set putters. 

Special Select Jet Set Putter Models

Each of the putters in this line is precision milled from 303 stainless steel. There is a solid face with a Toru Black finish and adjustable sole weighting. In addition, the accessories and even the grip have been updated to match perfectly with this new black putter head. Here are the four basic models (the Newport is also available in the left-handed version making up the 5th model). 


The Newport has always been known as one of the best blade putters on the market. This is a classic heel and toe weighted blade putter, but there are some modern improvements to the one in the new Jet Set line. Expect to see the traditional plumbing neck as well as some rounded features to make this have its own unique look. A sight line is also milled on the top of the putter head. 

Newport 2

The Newport 2 has a plumbing neck and a tri sole. This putter has customizable tungsten sole weights and the new Jet Set graphics on the putter head. Many tour professionals have found the Newport 2 design to be a good fit for them. Now it's available in the black finish. 

Newport 2 Plus

The Newport 2 Plus is a slightly wider version of the Newport 2. This is again a tour inspired shape that is a bit smaller than the Squareback but also longer than the traditional Newport. Expect this to be a high-performance blade that will encourage precision and feel with any golfer in the game. If you like a slightly thicker look, this is the putter to get it done with. 

Newport Plus

When the plus models were made with a bit more width in the face to flange area, one of the concerns was the additional weight. Making a putter wider without adjusting weight will, without a doubt, impact overall performance. Therefore an aluminum sole plate was put into the putter, and the color was matched to improve the overall look of the club head. 


The Scotty Cameron Special Select Jet Set putter line is another addition to one of the most highly regarded and respected putter manufacturers in the game of golf. If you are serious about the quality of the blade putter, you choose this is a model that you need to consider. Working with Fairway Jockey, you can ensure that the putter is customized to your specific needs and that the performance will hold up for years to come.

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