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Srixon MK II Irons (Who Are They For?)

Srixon has just released a new series of golf irons to upgrade the original ZX series with the MK II. Although quite a few of the same features have been kept in place, the Srixon MK II irons are faster, have better feel, and have more consistency than previous models. The Srixon MK II irons can be combined so that several different models make up a really impressive combo set. If you think you are in the market for new irons in 2023, and want something unique and high performing, the Srixon MK II irons could be a great fit.

Srixon MK II Irons: Features and Benefits

There are four irons in the new Srixon MK II iron design; they include the ZX7 MK II, ZX5 MK II, ZX4 MK II, and the Srixon ZX Utility. Although the ZX7 and the ZX Utility have some unique technology not seen in the ZX4 or ZX5, there is something in each of these irons to work for golfers of all abilities.

Improved Feel

The Tour V.T. Sole is a technology that helps golfers have their irons glide smoothly through any lie. In addition, the ZX7 irons feature vibration damping to help the player looking for feedback and workability in their golf iron but still need some forgiveness and pure feel.

High Ball Speeds

All of the Srixon MK II irons are designed to give golfers extra distance and improved spin characteristics. The ZX5 is the distance iron in the set. However, the ZX4 and the Utility area are also good from a distance perspective.

Options For All Golfers

Perhaps one of our favorite features of the Srixon MK II irons is the fact that there is an iron choice for the low-to-high handicapper. If you are looking for something with lots of workability, more forgiveness but a pure feel, the ZX7 is the best fit.

Golfers in the mid handicap range will enjoy the ZX5, which maximizes distance, and the ZX4, which maximizes forgiveness.

Utility To Help Round Out The Sets

The Srixon ZX Utility is there to help round out any of these irons sets. This is a forged utility iron with lots of forgiveness, a high launch, and plenty of distance. Golfers with slower swing speeds will put this club in place of a four iron, whereas the lower handicap players may use this as a two iron for an alternative to a hybrid or fairway wood. Srixon did a really great job of blending the look and feel of these irons with the Utility so that the set is more cohesive.

Final Thoughts

The Srixon MK II irons are available from Fairway Jockey in a variety of shafts. In addition, you can customize the grips of your MK II irons as well as the length and the setup. The Srixon MK II irons were built to help golfers who are looking for a combination of premium feel and accuracy with a bit of forgiveness. It’s completely acceptable to combine a ZX7 MK II with a ZX5 MK II and a ZX Utility.


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