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Stock vs. Custom Golf Clubs: Everything To Know

Years ago, ordering custom golf clubs was quite rare. Players would only purchase custom golf clubs if they were excellent players looking for precise or high-end golf shafts. Today, custom golf clubs are different. Golfers that have never even played on a golf course are ordering custom golf clubs to play with. Some golfers still haven’t caught on to the custom golf club trend. If you want to know the difference between stock and custom and the way your game will be impacted. 

What Is The Difference Between Stock and Custom Golf Clubs

A stock golf club comes directly from the manufacturer, and it is not modified in any way. Stock golf clubs are built to fit an average height player. Stock golf clubs can be ordered with golf shafts that have different flexes, but they will all still come with the stock brand and manufacturer. 

Custom golf clubs have been modified in some way. Custom clubs will sometimes have a unique golf shaft, or the length will be different. In addition, things like custom grips or lie angles will also put a golf club into the custom category. Custom golf clubs are for all players, regardless of your handicap. 

For quite some time, custom golf clubs were more expensive than stock clubs, but that is no longer the case. Almost all manufacturers have a variety of custom golf club options at the same price as the stock. 

Do I Need A Club Fitting To Order Custom Golf Clubs? 

Getting a custom fitting to ensure the custom golf clubs you order are a good fit for your game is a smart idea; however, it is not always necessary. Some players have personal launch monitors, have tried demo equipment, and have even tinkered with their clubs to know exactly what they need. 

There are also fitting charts and even phone-in custom fittings with Fairway Jockey that can help you decide what custom equipment you need. Custom fittings are a great experience, but sometimes once you know your specs, you can continue to use them for years. 

For instance, if you know that you need clubs that are ½ inch short and two degrees flat, chances are those specs will not change unless you grow or your arm length changes.

Are Custom Golf Clubs Better? 

One of the questions that we are asked at Fairway Jockey most often is whether or not custom golf clubs are better. Golf clubs that are specifically built to meet the needs of a player’s game are always better. If those clubs are custom or stock, that is fine. 

In other words, there are some golfers that will find that even after a custom fitting, they need a stock club. However, for the most part, there will be something that needs adjustment, whether it be grip, loft, lie angle, length of the shaft. 

With all of the equipment customizations that are available for golfers, it’s hard to ignore them. Try to purchase equipment that is specific to your needs and abilities as a player. Not playing with golf clubs that are built to your specifications is, without a doubt, a disadvantage.


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