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Swing Arc and Putting Swing Arc

The Swing Arc and Putting Swing Arc are two new golf training devices that have really helped players with the variety of practice they can get on the driving range. As most golfers figure out rather quickly, hitting golf balls at the range or on the putting green is not always effective. You must have the proper mindset, a plan in place, and a way to transfer what you have learned to the golf course. With the new Swing Arc and Putting Swing Arc, your practice will instantly become more effective. Let’s take a look at these devices and see which could be the best fit for your golf game. 

The Swing Arc: What To Know 

More and more golfers are getting into the idea of putting a golf shaft or golf alignment stick down on the ground when practicing. The Swing Arc is a similar concept but has a different shape to it. 

The natural arc allows golfers to see the path they are taking in their swing. In addition, players that are looking to try and hit a draw or a fade can use the natural contours of the Swing Arc to ensure that they are on the proper path. 

With the Swing Arc, you can practice your full swing shots, chipping, and pitching. Some golfers will even put the Swing Arc in a bunker and practice their shots coming out of the bunker. This is a stainless steel training device that is not going to crack or warp over time. 

Left-handed and right handed golfers can use the Swing Arc to ensure they are on the proper path. The key here is that this arc will never change, and players are able to visualize their golf swing more effectively. 

Putting Swing Arc: What To Know

For golfers that swing with an arc style putting stroke, it is important to consider the Putting Swing Arc as your next golf training device. So many players worry about the angle of the arc and if it is too much or not enough. The Putting Swing Arc provides the perfect amount of arc and keeps it consistent from one practice session to the next. 

The Putting Swing Arc is different than the Swing Arc in its angle and shaping. This is the way it should be, and you cannot mix the two devices as the angle is not adjustable. The Putting Swing Arc is made of stainless steel, so it will last for years to come. 


Golf training aids can get complicated and almost make things more confusing for a player. However, the new Swing Arc and Putting Swing Arc are very simple and effective golf training devices to help people that want to become more consistent players. These devices help golfers to bring their practice to the course and learn how to shape golf shots. We recommend the Swing Arc and the Putting Swing Arc for all handicaps as this will be a training device that you use for years to come.


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