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TaylorMade 300 Mini Custom Driver

TaylorMade tested the concept of going back to a custom driver a few years ago. For many players, the idea was well-received. Smaller drivers were known for more accuracy and lower dispersion rates. However, through the years, the concept of bigger is better kind of took over the golf world. The TaylorMade 300 Mini custom driver has a lot of unique benefits, and the fact that it can be ordered to your specifications from Fairway Jockey makes this an even better driver to consider. If you are hanging on to your 15-year-old driver because you love the clubhead size, this is a driver for you. 

Benefits of the TaylorMade 300 Mini Custom Driver 

TaylorMade is known for its impressive ability to bring clubhead speed to golfers that struggle with it. If you are a player that has a slower speed, TaylorMade is a golf manufacturer you should highly consider. In addition to high ball speed, there are some other great benefits to the TaylorMade 300 Mini. 

High MOI

The clubhead is created with several different materials. All were chosen with the ultimate goal of lowering the center of gravity. The lower center of gravity allowed for a very high MOI, even though the club head is quite a bit smaller. 

V Steel Sole

Why would the sole of a driver matter? Because you can use this TaylorMade 300 Mini Custom Driver off the deck if you would like. If you want to take that big shot to the long par 5 and finally roll it up on the green, take two swings with the TaylorMade 300 Mini Custom driver and see if it can do the trick. The V Steel sole helps to improve turf interaction whether you are hitting from the tee or the fairway. 

Speed Pocket Technology 

Even though the 307cc club head is not nearly as large as the others that TaylorMade has on the market, there was room to add in the Speed Pocket technology. Speed pocket helps give golfers more flexibility in the club head and better ball speed. 

In addition, the improved forgiveness on miss-hits is also thanks to the speed pocket design combined with the Twist Face technology. TaylorMade packed a ton of performance into this smaller driver head, enough to rival the larger SIM Max series. 

Customization and Adjustability 

The TaylorMade 300 Mini custom driver comes with a 2-degree loft sleeve. You can purchase the driver in 11.5 degrees or 13. 5 degrees, and then you will have some room to adjust to better fit your preferences. 

The key to getting a driver like this is to ensure that it is the perfect fit for your game. Ensuring that this club’s shaft, length, and flex are built specifically to your needs will allow you to use the driver from the tee and the fairway. 

There are many golfers out there that will benefit from the TaylorMade 300 Mini drivers technology. However, those that have struggled with driver accuracy and those that want even more distance from the fairway will find the TaylorMade 300 Mini is an excellent addition to the golf bag.


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