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TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver

If you have been around golf for a while, chances are you remember the original TaylorMade Burner line of golf clubs. The Burner had the unique Burner Bubble shaft, and they were incredibly popular game improvement-type clubs during their time. Equipped with a little more knowledge about technology and the game of golf as a whole, TaylorMade has released a new BRNR Mini Driver, a unique product with some ties to the original club.

TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver (What To Expect)

The size of the TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver is what helps it stand out from other clubs on the market. However, there is more to this club than just the small size of the club head. Playability, distance, control, and variability in the way it is played all stand out as benefits of the BRNR Mini Driver.

Movable Weight Technology

We have seen mini golf drivers before (smaller than the 460cc current USGA limit), but adding movable weight technology to the clubhead is new. There is a split weight that changes the weighting to a low-spin model if necessary.
Golfers looking for forgiveness have the standard option to work with; those that need more rollout and a few extra yards can go with the low spin.

Driver Off The Deck

The driver off-the-deck shot is becoming increasingly popular among both amateur and professional golfers. With the TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver, the K-Sole design glides the club through the turf.
A driver designed with a sole to be hit off the ground is a rare find and a perfect choice for those players ready to get a little more aggressive from the center of the fairway.

TaylorMade Core Technology

TaylorMade, like all other major golf manufacturers, develops technology that sticks around year after year. Things like Twist Face, Thru Slot Speed Pocket, and the Loft Sleeve (4 degrees) that we have seen in the SIM line, and even the Stealth are also featured in the BRNR Mini.
The bottom line here; this is more than just a driver with a smaller head.

Ties To The Original Burner

TaylorMade kept enough features in this BRNR Mini to consider it the newest member of the Burner family. The Ti Bubble 2 shaft has similar coloring and a look that will encourage any golfer with the original Burners in their garage to pick up a new TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver.
The BRNR Mini driver club head is a 304cc model, and it comes in both an 11.5 and a 13.5-degree loft.

Final Thoughts (Who is the BRNR Mini Driver For?)

The new BRNR Mini driver from TaylorMade was a nostalgic build meant to grab the original Burner golfers and bring them back in. However, at the same time, TaylorMade created a versatile club that can be used from the fairway or off the tee. In addition, the smaller clubhead side allows for plenty of speed, distance, and, maybe most importantly, control. As always, Fairway Jockey has the custom TaylorMade BRNR mini Driver available built specifically to your needs.


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