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TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge: 6 Things To Know

The TaylorMade Hi Toe 3 wedges have just hit the market, and golfers can now order them with custom or stock settings. When new clubs like this come out, it's important to dig in and see what the true differences are from previous releases and whether or not the new technology can actually benefit your golf game. Let’s take a look at 6 things to know about the TaylorMade Hit Toe 3 wedge, who it is for, and why this could be a short game tool that you need. 

1) One Wedge Can Handle It All

TaylorMade created the Hi Toe 3 wedges with the concept that this can be your only golf club in the bag, and your performance on the course will be incredibly diverse. They even call the Hi Toe 3 the swiss army knife of golf wedges. Whether you want low or high spin, low or high flight, or are hitting the shot from the rough or the fairway; you should be able to make it worth this club in hand. 

2) Higher Center of Gravity 

The Hi Toe 3 wedge has a higher enter of gravity that allows for a lower launch and extra spin. TaylorMade has focused on this slightly lower launch on their last few wedge releases. Many amateurs think that a higher launch is essential in a wedge, but the low launch gives you some control. 

3) Full Length Scoring Lines

The wedges with 54 degrees of loft or more got full-length scoring lines on the face of the club. This allows players to open up the face and still get plenty of spin and control. This is a great way to take advantage of the entire club's face. 

4) Raw Face Technology 

Raw face technology increases spin, and the grooves are a bit sharper than we have seen in the past. The face of your Hi Toe 3 wedge will rust over time. However, even with the rust, the impressive spin characteristics will remain. 

5) Larger ZTP Grooves

One of the best indicators of wedge performance is when the golf ball is stuck in the rough or in a poor lie. We would all like to think that we can get some spin on a shot in a perfect fairway spot. Luckily with the larger ZTP grooves on the Hi Toe 3, the spin from the wet rough or thick grass is quite good. 

5) Bounce and Loft Options 

The TaylorMade Hi Toe 3 wedge is offered in lofts starting at 50 and increasing by 2 to 60. This is a tough one to use as a pitching wedge with the loft options not going below 50. Instead, we think of the Hi Toe 3 as more of a secret weapon you keep in the bag. Try a loft of around 56 for your first one and see if your bag calls for another. The standard, low, mid, and high bounce options also help with customization and proper equipment configuration.

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