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TaylorMade P790 Irons: The Latest Release

If you thought TaylorMade was done with the P790 irons, think again. It feels as though these P790 irons may continually be a part of the TaylorMade lineup, and no one is complaining. The first release of the P790 irons changed what golfers thought was possible with a game improvement club in their hands. Each new release has improved upon both performance and feel. The new 2021 P790 irons have yet again proved to us that TaylorMade will not stop when it comes to speed and precision. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the new P790 irons and see if they could be a good fit for your game. 

Thin Wall Construction

The thinner the clubface, the easier it is for golfers to get distance and forgiveness at impact. The 8620 carbon steel construction of the new P790 irons has helped to make the clubface close to 40% thinner than previous models. In addition, the center of gravity is now perfectly positioned to optimize both launch and control. 

Thin wall construction is something that TaylorMade has been doing well for years; with the new P790 2021 irons, they have improved upon this even more. As always, you will still get the impressive forged feel that you have seen for years with these clubs. 

Thru Slot Speed Pocket

TaylorMade loves ball speed, and the fact that the Thru Slot Speed Pocket made it to the next round of TaylorMade irons is certainly no surprise. The Speed Pocket technology brings a significant boost to the ball speed and helps to eliminate mis-hits that occur lower on the face. 


Almost all new releases in 2021 feature more tungsten. Tungsten weighting is helping golf manufacturers to dial in stability and forgiveness in a golf club iron head. The P790 irons feature 31 grams of tungsten in the toe. When you make contact with the ball, the iron head will remain quite stable and have hardly any movement. 

Speed Foam Air 

The Speed Foam Air technology is new in this release of the P790 irons. The concept here was to bring a better sound and feel while still giving golfers that incredibly high TaylorMade ball speed. The SpeedFoam Air technology saved about 3.5 grams of total weight, making it relatively a bit easier to swing these clubs even faster than before. In addition, for those that struggled with launch, the Speed Foam Air helps to increase launch quite a bit. 

Who Should Play The New P790 Irons?

The P790 irons are considered a premium game improvement club. If you know you need some forgiveness and help with distance, but you don’t want to sacrifice a forged feel, the P790 irons are the best solution. With these clubs being highly anticipated, it makes sense to preorder from Fairway Jockey today. Ensure that you get on the list to take advantage of this impressive technology before it is too late. If you have not upgraded your irons in the last five years or so, the differences in the technology seen here are going to be incredibly impressive.


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