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TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

Features and Benefits of the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver 

One of the first things you will notice when you look at the SIM2 Max driver is the shaping. The shape of this club is different, and it has impacted the performance quite a bit. 

Forged Ring Construction 

The forged ring construction of the new TaylorMade SIM driver helps to increase the stability and give the club a much greater MOI. The driver can stay lightweight because of the aluminum technology, but when you hit this club in the center, the jump that it gets off the face is incredible. In addition, the forged ring construction has helped to increase the overall forgiveness of the driver. 

SIM Inertia Generator

When you purchase a new driver, not only do you want it to have a hot and high-performing clubface, but you also want to ensure that you can swing the club fast. Based on the principles of science, a golf club needs to be aerodynamic for players to swing it through the air with ease. 

The new SIM Inertia generator combined with the carbon crown makes it easy for even the slowest swing speed golfers to get through the ball with a great deal of speed and performance. If you are worried that you don’t swing fast enough for a club like this, think again. The SIM 2 Max will teach you to swing faster. 

Speed Injected Twist Face

The Speed Injected Twist Face technology is not new. We have seen this in the last few releases from TaylorMade, but it just keeps getting better. If you miss the ball a bit and can’t make contact with the center of the face, the Twist Face has you covered. If your miss would typically cause you to lose out on yardage and direction, you can almost guarantee your miss will be better with the SIM 2 in your hands. 

Speed Pocket

After reviewing and testing TaylorMade equipment over the last few years, it’s hard to imagine that they would ever do away with the Speed Pocket technology. Speed Pocket will help to maximize ball speed and increase forgiveness on all of your shots. This technology is found throughout the entire line of TaylorMade golf clubs, and it is impressive. 

Even if you purchased the SIM Max driver last year, it’s worth getting out and giving the SIM 2 Max a few swings. You will likely find that the results are pretty hard to beat.

TaylorMade went back to the drawing board after the release of the SIM Max driver and wanted to work on feel, sound, and even more speed. With the release of the TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver, you will see that they have achieved all of their desired goals. The SIM2 Max is the fastest driver that we have seen from TaylorMade, and it still incorporates a great deal of forgiveness. If you want to be sure that the SIM2 Max driver would be a good fit for your game, we have the inside scoop that you need. 


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