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TaylorMade Spider GT Max

TaylorMade really went above and beyond in 2023 with their line of new putters. If you are in the market for something that is highly adjustable with impressive role and alignment capabilities, the TaylorMade Spider GT Max should be on our list. The Spider GT Max is a clean-looking design that has lots of details we saw in the original Spider, but some new enhancements to make this club have the consistency and feel the modern player desires. Let’s take a look at all that the TaylorMade Spider GT Max has to offer.

Features and Benefits of TaylorMade Spider GT Max

Although there are plenty of features that help the TaylorMade Spider GT Max stand out, the most impressive is the adjustability. If you are a golfer that enjoys technology like a sliding weight in your driver, this is the perfect putter to complement that.

Adjustable Positions

There are two 40g sliding tungsten weights on the TaylorMade Spider GT Max putter. The weights can be positioned to change the center of gravity, increase or decrease toe hang, and impact the face rotation of the putter.

Regardless of the miss hit that you typically experience, the TaylorMade Spider GT Max can be tweaked to work for your needs.

The Spider GT Max has three positions that golfers can benefit from:

  • Position 1 is for players that miss the ball to the left
  • Position 2 is for versatility, for the golfer that typically has a square face
  • Position 3 is for a player that miss the ball to the right

Lightweight 6061 Aluminum

The TaylorMade Spider GT Max is made with lightweight 6061 aluminum. The putter also has a hollowed core bringing more the weight to the perimeter of the putter and increasing overall stability.

If you feel too much movement in the putter head as you get through impact, the GT Max will be more stable.

True Path Alignment Improvements

True Path Alignment is a tremendous feature throughout the entire TaylorMade Spider line of putters. There were, however, some changes and advancements to the newest TaylorMade Spider GT Max to make it easier for golfers to visualize the path of the ball.

With adjustability to get the clubhead squared up and alignment to ensure it’s on the right path to start, the Spider GT Max is set up to help you make more putts.

PureRoll Insert

The other great feature of the TaylorMade Spider putters is the PureRoll insert. The insert if a black TPU urethane that has been angled to improve topspin across the face. If you are looking for more of the end-over-end roll on a putt, the PureRoll can certainly help.

Final Thoughts

If you think the advancements in the TaylorMade SPider GT Max could make it a good fit for your game, take a look at the options that Fairway Jockey has for length, life, and more. With a putter like this, you will want to get something that is customized to your needs and then use the impressive adjustability to make it an even better fit for your golf game.


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