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TaylorMade Spider GT Putters

The TaylorMade Spider putters are some of the best this company has ever brought to market. However, as great as these TaylorMade Spiders are, they keep getting improvements and changes from one year to the next. The most recent upgrade and update to the TaylorMade Spider putter line are the TaylorMade Spider GT Putter. The look. Performance and feel have been completely updated to make some significant changes in a golfer's game. Let’s look at the facts you must know about the brand new TaylorMade Spider GT Putters. 

Features and Benefits of the Spider GT Putters

We can see that there are some similarities between the original Spider and the latest models, but the new Top Plate on the SPider GT helps these putters to have their own unique look and feel. 

New Top Plate With Short Sightline 

The entire line of Spider GT putters features a new 145g top plate. This plate helps to eliminate the weight that is in the middle of the putter, and it gives golfers a better short sightline to see their perfect line on the putting green. The Spider putters have always been great at helping with alignment. This shorter alignment helps you stay focused but won’t get your brand overly confused with too much look at. 

Updated Pure Roll Insert

The Pure Roll insert has been upgraded for the new GT putters. With this insert, there is a TPU urethane used, and the overall idea is to improve topspin. For players that tend to miss the center of the clubface from time to time, this Pure Roll Insert can help update and improve it. 

In addition to the Pure Roll Insert helping the feel be a little better, there are steel side weights that can improve distance control and stability. 

Fluted Feel Shaft 

The Fluted Feel shaft is similar to the concept with the Odyssey Stroke Lab shaft. Golf putter shaft technology is only just starting to ramp up, and you can expect to see many changes with this in the next few years. Overall, it is important to realize that at this point, the shaft of the putter does matter. This one, in particular, will improve the stability and lower overall dispersion rates with the TaylorMade GT putter. 

Open Frame Multi-Material Design 

Each Spider putter that has come to market will be slightly different from the last. This GT model is the first Spider putter with an open frame multi-material design. This means that there are side wings on the putter that help it to be more of a perimeter-weighted golf club. The overall result of this technology is a more stable feel at impact and more forgiveness. 

One of the trends we are noticing in 2022 is golf putters with more forgiveness. What we once thought was a very small margin for error is turning out to be a bit larger. If you think that forgiveness can help your short game and put, the TaylorMade Spider GT is a unique and excellent feeling option to consider.


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