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The RainDrop-Retractable Putting String

Putting is the most important area of the game for all players to practice. If you can become a good putter, chances are your handicap will drop. We have learned through the years that putting practice must be intentional if you want it to be effective. There are a few things you can do to make your putting practice more effective, and that includes the use of the RainDrop Retractable Putting String. Whether you are a 30 handicap or a 3 handicap, this tool can make a difference in your game. 

RainDrop Retractable Putting String Features and Benefits

The RainDrop Retractable Putting String is a unique golf putting aid that allows players the ability to work on their putting stroke, aiming, and alignment. The putting string helps players that are looking for a chalk line type tool with even more flexibility and benefits. 

20 Feet of Cable

The RainDrop features 20 feet of cable so that you can work on putts of varying lengths. With the two stands included with the RainDrop, you will have no trouble getting the string to stay at the proper height. 

Golfers that like to putt under a string to work on getting their eyes over the ball or practicing a straight back straight through stroke style will be able to easily set up the RainDrop at an appropriate height. 

Retractable Design 

If you have just a few minutes to head out to the putting green and practice, the last thing you need is a ball full of string to deal with. The RainDrop retractable design allows players to simply press a button and have the string move back into the RainDrop. 

Created by Putting Guru Mall Killen 

The best putting aids on the market are those created by professionals that understand the game and the issues that golfers will come across. Mall Killen saw the need for a line that has more flexibility and portability than a chalk line, and the RainDrop was created. 

Can Store In Your Golf Bag 

The RainDrop Retractable Putting String and the stands to hold the string in place will easily fit in your golf bag. Whether you want to practice before your round of golf or after, you will always have quick access to the RainDrop. 

Breaking or Straight Putts 

Perhaps the best benefit of the RainDrop Retractable Putting String is that you can set it up to work for both breaking and straight putts. The flexibility that this putting tool brings to the market is beneficial. 

The ability to work on both breaking and straight putts also makes it easier for golfers that are practicing speed control in addition to overall distance and consistency on the putting green. 


Hopefully, you can now see the features and benefits that make the RainDrop Retractable Putting String a great choice for a variety of golfers. If your putting game needs some work, this string will help you stay focused on the things that matter the most and allow you the ability to transfer your practice to the course. Create drills and challenges for yourself using the RainDrop and notice how quickly your scores start to drop. 


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