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Titleist T Series Black Irons

The Titleist T Series Black irons are a limited release with some really impressive looks, a great feel, and high-end technology. At Fairway Jockey, we will have a limited number of these T Series Black irons available with customizations to fit your golf game. If you are a fan of Titleist golf clubs or are looking for something incredibly sleek to showcase in your golf bag this year, the T Series Black irons, with matching Jet Black SM9 wedges, could be the way to go. Let’s take a look at what these golf irons and wedges have to offer.

Titleist T Series Black Irons: Features and Benefits

The Titleist T Series Black irons come in the T100, T100S, and T200 models. Although all three of these irons will have different performance characteristics, they have similar technology incorporated into the club head.

Titanium Carbide Vapor

Titleist gets a lot of feedback on how a golf iron should perform, look and feel from the professionals on the PGA Tour. The Titleist T Series Black irons feature the Titanium Carbine Vapor finish to keep the irons looking pure.

All golfers should expect that the black will wear in certain areas over time. The face and the sole are two spots that will start to fade, but this is the longest-lasting finish Titleist has to date.

True Temper AMT Black

The stock shaft option in the Titleist T Series is the True Temper AMT Black, but there are also options for AMT Tour White and the Project X LZ shafts. Each of these is coated with an Onyx powder coat matte black finish to help minimize glare and complete the sleek look of the entire iron.

Matching SM9 Wedges

The Titleist SM9 wedges are designed for maximum spin. They are now available in a Jet Black finish that pairs beautifully with the T Series Black irons.

In addition to the SM9 wedges having high spin levels, they also have distance and trajectory control that is unmatched. Sm9 wedges allow you to hit a wedge shot and have it stay on the green exactly where you want it to.

The black finish is a new design from Titleist. It is a high-polish black that will have longer durability than previous black finishes in golf irons. The Titleist irons are heat treated, and this helps improve the binding process and essentially makes the black coating a little stickier for longevity.

Final Thoughts

Titleist irons are often thought of as a better player's golf club. Most better players have a discerning eye when it comes to the look of their golf irons. If you are a good ball striker and you want something that looks as good as it feels, the Titleist T Series black irons are a great selection.

With the T Series Black irons, remember that this is a limited edition set that will sell out quickly. Fairway Jockey can help ensure that you get the T Series with the exact specifications you need to take your game to the next level.

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