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Titleist TSi2 Driver: Everything to Know


TSi2 Features and Benefits

As great as the TSi2 is, you must understand what has improved from the previous Titleist releases. We have broken down the most important things to consider when shopping for your new Titleist driver. 

Lower Center of Gravity 

The center of gravity in the TSi2 is deeper and lower than we have seen in a Titleist driver. This lower center of gravity was made possible by the multi-material construction. A low center of gravity is going to make the club more forgiving and easier to hit. 

Streamlined and Clean Looking Profile 

Titleist makes some of the best-looking drivers on the market. If you want to look down and see a clean and classic-looking club, Titleist will provide that. The new drivers on the market are getting unique in shape, and not all golfers want a unique profile driver. 

ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium 

The ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium is something that only Titleist is using in their clubs. The material provides strength, incredible speed, and great sound as well. In addition, you will find that impressive Titleist feel that you can almost always count on. 


As forgiving and long as the new Titleist TSi2 is, it's essential to ensure that it is fitted properly to you as a player. Adjustable drivers give you the chance to adjust the height and flight of your golf shots. With a premium new release like this, adjustability is a very important feature. 

Shaft Options

If you thought Titleist was going to pair their brand new impressive Tsi2 club head with a mediocre shaft, think again. Four premium shaft options come stock with the Titleist Tsi2. 

  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX
  • Mitsubishi KURO KAGE™ Black Dual-Core TiNi
  • Mitsubishi TENSEI AV RAW Blue
  • Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Raw White

Who Should Play The Titleist Tsi2? 

Titleist doesn't typically put a handicap range on the drivers that they release. They don't want to limit the club to a specific group of people, simply based on numbers. Instead, you need to choose your Titleist driver based on performance benefits. 

If you want more forgiveness in your drives, lower dispersion, and more distance than you are used to from a Titleist, then the TSi2 is the perfect choice for you. We find the Titleist TSi2 driver to be the most versatile of all the TSi drivers that were released. Some five handicap players will have just as much success with this club as a 25 handicap player. Leave it to Titleist to create versatility and performance like this.

The Titleist TSi2 Driver is a brand new and much-anticipated release from Titleist. One thing we can always count on from Titleist is very low dispersion rates. If you want to keep your misses closer to the target, the TSi2 is the club to do it. One thing that we weren't expecting with the new Titleist driver is the distance that it provides. Here is everything you need to know about the TSi2 Driver. 


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