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Titleist TSi2 Hybrid: Worth the Upgrade?

When golf manufacturers put out their new releases each year, great golfers wonder if the new equipment is worth the upgrade. Of course, for those that have ten-year-old clubs, most of the time, the upgrade is long overdue.

For golfers that have upgraded within the last few years, the decision is a bit more complicated. The new line of Titleist hybrids is both unique and impressive. Titleist is bringing some new things to the table, and they have made us turn our heads just a bit. 

If you are curious if the TSi2 hybrid could be a good fit for your game, here is the inside scoop. 

Benefits and Features of the New Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

Titleist states that the TSi2 hybrid is their scoring distance club. Scoring distance clubs typically satisfy the needs of golfers that are good players but still rely on a bit of forgiveness.


The adjustability found in the Titleist golf clubs is some of the best on the market. With the new Titleist TSi2 hybrid, you will get 16 different loft lie combinations to choose from.

To get your hybrids dialed in how you need them, this is a club you will want in your bag. The TSi2 comes standard in the 18, 21, and 24-degree lofts. With these three starting points, your possibilities for a hybrid lineup are endless. 

Carpenter 455 Forged Face

The Titleist TSi2 is optimized for golfers with a sweeping type of golf swing that don't enjoy hitting long irons. These players need both forgiveness and distance out of their hybrid golf clubs.

One of the reasons players can get the distances they want with the TSi2 is the thin and fast face. Even Titleist admits this is the fastest face they have been able to put on a hybrid golf club.

Center of Gravity Optimization

Forgiveness is king with the TSi2. If you are a player that likes to work the ball and hit a slide fade or a draw into the pin, it will be a bit hard to do with the TSi2. This hybrid does an excellent job of keeping the ball straight, even when trying to work the ball.

The TSi2 has a low center of gravity, medium launch, and low spin. That lower spin is what will keep you from letting a shot really get away from you.

Is the Titleist TSi2 Worth It?

As with most new golf club releases, the TSi2 starts at a fairly high price for a hybrid. However, when you consider the versatility and the adjustability, you may begin to see where the real value lies in this club.

We love that Titleist has done through the years in making their golf clubs more accessible to players of all handicap levels. Titleist has gone from being a players golf manufacturer to being a golf club manufacturer for all players.

If you have not upgraded your hybrid in the last few years and want a club with an impressive performance out of the rough and from the short grass, the TSi2 is worth it. Titleist golf clubs from the drivers to the wedges always have some of the best feel on the market.


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