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Titleist TSR Golf Drivers (Worth The Upgrade?)

The new Titleist TSR drivers have hit the market. These highly anticipated golf drivers were an exciting release, with golfers on every level looking to see what Titleist would bring to the table. Overall, Titleist looked to improve the feel, bring some different ball flight options for players, and of course, control the spin rates on the clubs. Here are a few of the things you should know about each of the models to help you decide which one could be best for your game. 

Titleist TSR2 Features and Benefits 

The Titleist TRS2 has a new shape to it but still stays within the lines of that classic Titleist look that we have always enjoyed. This is a high-launching driver designed to be the most forgiving of the group. Golfers who want something with a slight draw bias will like the TSR2 the best out of any of the models. 

With the 460cc head and a low and forward center of gravity, players can fine-tune the performance they get. The club has a pleasing sound, thanks in part to the impressive materials that Titleist used when building the club out. 

If you don’t always hit the center of the clubface and want a club that helps you do so more often, the TSR2 should be on your list. 

Titleist TSR3 Features and Benefits

The Titleist TSR3 is more of a player's driver. If you like playability and being able to shape and control shots, this is a good option to consider. With the TSR3, you will also benefit from the SureFit Adjustable CG Track system. Allowing golfers a bit of movement in the center of gravity helps for fine-tuned performance. 

This driver has a slightly higher launch than others in the past, but it still keeps the distance numbers very strong. Golfers that hit the ball closer to the center of the clubface with some consistency will benefit the most from the TSR3. 

Titleist TSR4: Features and Benefits

The Titleist TSR4 is a mid to low-launch driver with the lowest spin of any of these models. The new VFT face, which stands for Variable Face Thickness, allows for some consistency across the entire head of the driver. 

This one does not come with the SureFit Adjustable CG; instead, there are adjustable weighting options to help golfers looking to minimize spin. One of the interesting things about the TSR4 is the 430cc club head; this smaller size head has been known to get golfers more speed. 


If you just purchased a Titleist driver last year, the changes you will see in the new TSR line will be primarily aesthetic, with some adjustments to the spin. However, if it's been three or more years since your last driver purchase, the technology seen in this new TSR line is going to be well worth the upgrade. Distance, forgiveness, and playability have improved across the entire lineup, and you will notice it as soon as you take a swing. Make sure to use the Fairway Jockey custom club selection for a variety of shaft and grip combinations on this club.


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