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Titleist TSR1 Woods and Hybrids

The Titleist TSR series came out a few months ago, but we have been anticipating the release of the new Titleist TSR1. The TSR1 line includes a driver, fairway wood, and hybrid. Each of the products in the TSR1 will have technology designed to help golfers gain more speed and improve their total distance. Here is what you can expect from the new Titleist TSR1 Woods and Hybrids. 

Titleist TSR1 Driver 

The Titleist TSR1 is a lightweight driver built to increase golfers' clubhead speed. A new technology called the Multi Plateua Variable Face Thickness helps to increase speed even when you miss the center of the face. 

We all know it's easy to generate speed when you make perfect contact, but for a club to provide long distance when you are missing that accuracy is a bit more work. 

Another important benefit of the Titleist TSR1 is the use of the SureFit Adjustability system. Golfers can ensure that they are getting the configuration that works specifically for their game, making this a smart choice for players that are in the middle of a game transition. 

Titleist TSR1 Fairway Wood

The new Titleist TSR1 fairway wood comes in a 15, 18, 20, and 23-degree loft configuration. With the new lightweight TSR1, golfers are able to get a higher launch and incredible forgiveness throughout the fairway woods. 

With the Titleist TSR1, expect a low center of gravity and the SureFit Adjustability system. Golfers are finding the high-strength carpenter stainless steel material to have both a good feel and plenty of power. 

The shaping of the TSR1 fairway wood also stands out as a player-preferred design with a clean look. 

Titleist TSR1 Hybrid 

The Titleist TSR1 hybrid comes in a 20, 23, 26, and 29-degree loft. The Titleist TSR1 hybrids have plenty of bulk to them. If you are a golfer that struggles to get the ball up in the air, the TSR1 could help to give you that added confidence that you need. 

With the TSR1 hybrid, players find tremendous stability at impact. Although the clubhead has an overall lightweight feel, the impressive distance sets the club apart from others on the market. 

Sometimes lightweight feel is associated only with forgiveness and not forgiveness and distance; that won't be the case with the TSR1 hybrid. 

The TSR1 hybrid is built for the average swing speed players looking for extra distance. Although the TSR1 blends in perfectly with the TSR1 fairway wood and driver, players can mix and match across the TSR series for a variety of performance and feel. 

Final Thoughts 

The Titleist TSR1 took a little longer to bring to market than the rest of the TSR series. However, when you look at the ability of Titleist to combine long-distance, impressive forgiveness, and great overall feel and speed, the TSR1 line was well worth the wait. If you are ready to upgrade your game in 2023, Fairway Jockey has the entire Titleist line in stock to help you get there.


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