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Titleist U505: Who Should Play It?

Don’t let the hype of the new Titleist T series irons overshadow the other moves this company is making. With more and more golfers looking for alternatives to long irons and hybrids, utility iron choices have exploded in the last few years. The brand new U 505 will give you the confidence you have lacked in your long game. Let’s take a deeper look into the features and benefits of the U505, who should play it, and whether or not it is worth an upgrade. 

Features and Benefits of Titleist U505

The biggest complaint that great players have about their hybrids is the look. It’s hard to argue that the functionality of a hybrid is there. You can get lots of launch, performance from the rough, and overall more consistency than the long iron. However, it is kind of bulky looking. 

Titleist set out to give a utility iron all the benefits of the hybrid with that clean tour-inspired Titleist look. The U505 has incredible distance and launch, yet it will look a bit more like an iron than other utility clubs in the past. 

In addition, the U505 has improved the feel and sound from a traditional hybrid. The transition from your iron set into the U505 irons is seamless. 

Titleist U505 Technology 

How did Titleist go about making the U505 one of the most impressive utilities ever released? A few key technologies and discoveries have certainly helped. 

D18 Density Tungsten

When searching for new golf clubs, you will see Tungsten come up quite often. Tungsten is a material that is lightweight and provides a great feel. Using modern technology, golf manufacturers can properly place tungsten in a club head to give players increased performance and consistency. 

Max Impact Technology 

The new max impact technology is what promotes that hybrid like hit and launch with the feel of an iron. If you can deliver the clubhead to the ball, relatively close to the sweet spot, expect to see the ball launch. 

Forged Face Inserts

Like many of the other great feeling Titleist golf clubs on the market, forged technology is important. Although the U505 is not a completely forged golf club, the forged face inserts will help to give the club that buttery Titleist feel without sacrificing any distance. 

Who Should Play the Titleist U505? 

The Titleist U505 is available in a 1, 2, 3, and 4 iron model. The club is specifically designed for golfers that struggle to get the performance they need from their hybrid. If you have a hard time transitioning from your longest iron to your hybrid and staying accurate, the U505 would be a good choice. 

With a club like this, it is difficult to narrow down the performance to a handicap level. We all know that golf clubs with lower lofts are a bit harder to swing, and you must match your shaft selection and loft with your swing speeds. 

However, the U505 will help many golfers fill in gaps and solve issues with transitions between their longer clubs and their mid-length clubs in their golf bag. The U505 is an addition to the market that golfers needed.


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