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Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges T Grind Extension

We know that the Vokey SM9 wedges do not need any help when it comes to design, looks, or feel. Titleist has done a great job with the SM9, and it is a great fit even for professional golfers. However, adding in a new grind is an exciting feature for those that have yet to find the perfect match for their game. The new Titleist SM9 T Grind was just released and is available in the 58 and 60-degree lofts. Let’s look at who this is for and whether or not the T Grind could be a good solution for your golf game.

What Is The Titleist Vokey T Grind?

The Titleist Vokey T Grind wedge is the same design as the latest SM9; it just has a new grind offering with a wider back flange. The T Grind also features low bounce and more of a narrow crescent surface.

With a low bounce and this wider back flange, expect the T Grind to be a really good option in firm conditions that require very clean turf interaction.

Who Should Play With The Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind?

The T Grind was created for a very specific player, as are all the Vokey wedges.

Players With Great Hands

The better you get around the greens, the easier it is to incorporate your hands into your swing and see some great results. The Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind wedge was designed for golfers that want to get a little creative with their hands when they play shots around the green.

Golfers That Like To Be Creative Around The Greens

Do you walk up to a short game shot and start to consider the different ways that you could play or approach this shot? The Vokey SM9 wedges allow golfers to be more creative with how they play shots; if you want to try something unique that incorporates a lot of feel, this would be it.

Golf Courses With Tight Lies

The T Grind works really well from tight lies. If your golf course keeps the grass short, the T Grind will make all the difference in getting that clean turf interaction you seek.

Shallow Angle of Attack

The T Grind is a great choice for golfers that have a shallow angle of attack. If you tend to be a little less steep in your approach but still want the benefits of high spin and increased control in your short game shots. In addition, if you have bunkers with a little less sand in them, expect the T Grind to be a good solution.

What Makes The SM9 T Grind Unique?

There are other low-bounce options in the SM9, like the K Grind and the L Grind. However, the T grind has a wider back flange and an aggressive heel and trailing edge grind. In addition, the bounce on the T Grind is closer to the club's leading edge.

Final Thoughts

The Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind is available with your custom specifications through Fairway Jockey. Get this one in your bag now so you can enjoy it all season.


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