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Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges: What To Know

The Vokey wedges are a staple in the golf short game industry. Each time a new release comes from Titleist, Vokey fans are ready to see if this could be a good match for their game. The Vokey SM9 wedges have improved on feel performance from the SM8. The center of gravity has been optimized a bit more, and players are noticing a higher MOI in the new SM9 design. Let’s take a more detailed look into what you need to know about the Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges and their capabilities. 

Progressive Center of Gravity 

The new progressive center of gravity is something that we have seen several golf manufacturers move towards in 2022. The idea here is that when the center of gravity is optimized, the ball flight is more controlled, and the club can be more forgiving. 

However, in order for the center of gravity to be optimized, you must ensure that it is loft-specific. Having a standard center throughout the entire set will likely not be the right fit for players. Vokey has moved the center for each individual loft helping players achieve the exact types of shots that they need. 

Micro Grooves

The SM on the SM9 wedges stands for Spin Milled grooves. The Spin Milled grooves have been known as the most cutting edge and highest spinning grooves in the game. Golfers looking to try and gain control around the greens can do so with micro grooves. 

However, micro grooves are also a great addition to these Spin Milled grooves as they are cut in between each of the grooves. The partial Micro Grooves essentially make it easier to get spin when you are only taking half swing shots. The grooves are treated with a special heat setting that ensures they will not deteriorate quickly. 


Like we have seen with previous releases from Titleist, there will be plenty of loft, grind, and finish options for players to choose from. In fact, there are so many that you have to take a quick crash course in wedge spin technology to determine which of these will be the best for your golf game. 

The wedges come stock with a True Temper Dynamic Gold wedge flex shaft, but golfers can use the Fairway Jockey custom fitting system to select from dozens of different shaft and grip options. 

Who Should Play With The New Vokey SM9? 

Now that you have a better idea of the technology updates we have seen in the Vokey SM9, it’s time to figure out exactly who should play with these wedges. 

The great thing about the SM9 is that they are built for all players. The lower handicappers that demand performance will love the control and feel of the SM9. The higher handicappers that have trouble getting a ball to stop on the green will see what Spin Milled Grooves can do to a golf ball. 

Whatever your handicap is, the SM9 can help you reach your short game goals in 2022.


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