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Top 5 Drivers of 2021

#1 TaylorMade SIM 2

The TaylorMade SIM 2 driver sits at the top of the list. The new SIM 2 comes with a redesigned shape and a tremendous amount of ball speed. The profile on the SIM 2 is a bit different than the Max, and it will appeal to the better player. 

The TaylorMade SIM 2 driver is best for those that have very fast swing speeds and want to lower their ball flight and their spin. The thing that stands out most about this club is the ball speed that you can obtain, be prepared to be impressed.  

Who’s It For

  • Golfers with high clubhead speeds looking for more penetrating ball flight and lots of distance 

#2 Titleist TSi3

The Titleist TSi3 is the only non Ping or TaylorMade driver on the list. With the TSi3, you are going to have a very traditional Titleist shape club head and the ability to work the ball to hit some impressive shots. 

The one downside to some of the previous Titleist drivers was the ball speed. Although Titleist could be considered a front runner with feel and dispersion, speed was sometimes lacking. With the new TSi3, speed is easy to get.  

Who’s It For

  • The Titleist fan who is looking to get plenty of distance 

#3 Ping G425 Max

The Ping G425 Max is an impressive new release from Ping. What we love most about the G425 max is that it is built for forgiveness and the average player. If you feel as though your driver game is lacking, this is a club that could help. 

The clubhead on the Ping G425 is large, and when you miss the center of the clubface, you will still get plenty of impressive distance. In the end, the G425 Max is an intelligent addition to your bag for both distance and direction. 

Who’s It For

  • Average golfers that want great all-around distance and forgiveness 

#4 TaylorMade SIM 2 Max

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max is another club built to handle the majority of golfers. It doesn’t matter if you are a ten handicap or a 25 handicap; you will see benefit from the SIM 2 Max. The feel and the overall performance on the SIM 2 are much improved from the original SIM Max. 

Who’s It For

  • Mid handicappers that need a bit of extra forgiveness and distance from the tee 

#5 Ping G425 LST

The Ping G425 LST earns the fifth spot on the list. With the G425 LST, you will see some lower handicap players that want lower spin, increased feel, and precision when it comes to placement of the golf ball. The G425 is 445cc as compared to the 460cc, so if you like a slightly smaller clubhead, this is an intelligent choice. 

Who’s It For

  • High swing speed players that are looking for the most distance from their shots

The five top-selling drivers for the first part of 2021 have just been released. At Fairway Jockey, we carefully study this data to see what golfers are looking for and what is working for their games. Let’s take a look at the top five drivers of 2021 and who will benefit from them the most. As you will quickly see, two companies are dominating the distance game in 2021.


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