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TPT Nitro Range Wood Shaft

The TPT Nitro Range Shaft has just hit the market, and if you know anything about the TPT Power shafts, you know there will be a lot of technology to offer. Stock golf shafts don’t always offer the exact performance you need, and a replacement with the TPT Nitro Range could be the solution. Let’s take a look at what the new TPT Nitro Range wood shaft has to offer and if it could be a solution for your game. 

Features and Benefits TPT Nitro Range Wood Shaft 

The Nitro Range wood shaft joins the Power Range to increase the number of options available for golfers looking for driver and wood customization. The shaft was designed for improved weight distribution, increased power, and more precision. 

Pure Power Technology 

The Nitro Range wood shaft features Nitro’s Pure Power technology. The fiber placement in the shaft was optimized to increase the total distance. Golfers are guaranteed extra speed over the previous versions of the TPT golf shafts. 

Chances are, if you have a stock golf shaft in place, you are going to see a tremendous increase in overall power and speed. 

Guaranteed 3MPH Speed Increase 

It takes a lot for a company to guarantee an increase in speed on a driver shaft. However, TPT feels confident in the technology they have created to offer this benefit to golfers. If you are a player looking for extra speed and not afraid to upgrade to find it, the TPT Nitro Range could have the technology you need. 

Precision Engineering 

The TPT golf shafts go through a rigorous testing and manufacturing process. The shafts are created with Swiss precision and are designed for golfers looking for peak performance. If you are an aspiring professional or player who is working towards optimizing all areas of your game, the TPT Nitro Range wood shaft has the benefits you need. 

Wide Range of Specifications 

When a new shaft is released to the market, it can sometimes be disappointing with just a few flexes or weights available. You will not find that to be true with the TPT Nitro Range Wood Shaft. 

Weight options range from 74 to 40 grams and torque from 2.5 to 5. You can really fine tune the performance you get by selecting a shaft with the proper specifications for your game. 

Part of the TPT process is matching your golf shaft to your game, and a Fairway Jockey representative can help you with that. 

Final Thoughts 

At Fairway Jockey, you can purchase the TPT Nitro Range Wood shaft with your specifications, the correct adapter, and the grip you want to fit your current driver. Golfers that are ready to take the next step into custom golf shafts often find that they fine-tune their performance almost immediately. 

If you are ready for explosive power off the tee and precision in shaft manufacturing that leaves no imperfections, the TPT Nitro Range wood shaft is a great solution. 


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