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UST Mamiya Dart V Iron Shaft

If you are in need of a new shaft in your irons this year, the UST Mamiya Dart V is an incredible offering from UST. The Mamiya line of shafts has always been incredibly lightweight and distance-enhancing. You will notice that this is still the case with the Dart V, except there are some new improvements for feel and those seeking lower dispersion rates. Here’s what you can expect from the UST Mamiya Dart V and how to go about having new shafts put in your irons.

Features and Benefits of UST Mamiya Dart V

The new Dart V iron shaft features impressive strength and stability at impact. Shaft manufacturers are now creating options that combine feel and consistency with distance.


The Mamiya Dart V comes in three weight classes, 90, 105, and 120. The shaft also has several different flexes to accommodate a wide range of players. This is not a shaft specifically designed for low or high swing speeds; it's for any golfer looking for lower torques and tighter tolerances.

Dual Action Recoil Technology

The Dual Action Recoil technology helps to create a consistent performance throughout the entire shaft. Sometimes shot dispersion is not necessarily caused by the person but instead by the golf shaft.

M40X High Tensile Modulus

The M40X High Tensile Modulus is a brand-new advancement in carbon fiber technology. The result of incorporating this technology into the shaft is a 30% improvement in tensile strength. With this impressive new technology, you will notice a better shaft feel, more consistency, and the feeling that you can go after the ball with great results.

SST Pure

When Fairway Jockey reshafts your irons with the UST Mamiya Dart V iron shaft, expect to have the option for the SST Pure in addition to all the customization in the shaft that you could need. With SST Pure, you will be confident that your golf iron shaft is working for you.

UST Mamiya Dart V Iron Shaft (Who Is It For?)

The biggest benefit of the new UST Mamiya Dart V iron shaft is accuracy. With this extra tensile strength, you can become a little more particular about where the iron's shots end up. With weight and shaft flex options for various players, it’s not hard to find one that works for your game.
With the Fairway Jockey iron shaft service, you can also have the lie, length, and the grip changed to match your needs.

Final Thoughts

Iron heads are not cheap, and many times the head still works for your game, while the shaft could use an upgrade. If you find that to be the case, the UST Mamiya Dart V iron shaft is a great option to consider. The shaft will be released on 5/5 and is now available for pre-order with Fairway Jockey. Regardless of the type of iron you currently have, a retrofit with a new shaft is entirely possible.


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