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Vessel Collection at Fairway Jockey

Vessel entered into the golf space about ten years ago with a line of products designed to help golfers looking for premium and customizable golf bags. Since then, the company has expanded tremendously, and many of the golf bags are used by PGA Tour professionals. The 

Vessel products are unique, have lots of options for both color and style, and can work both on and off the course. Fairway Jockey has a full line of Vessel golf equipment; here are a few of our favorite products. 

Vessel VLS Lux Stand Bag 

The Vessel VLS Lux Stand Bag is one of the most feature rich Vessel stand bags. In addition, the VLS features detailing and only the finest materials to truly set it apart. The Vessel VLS has an upgraded carry system if you still prefer to walk and carry your bag. In addition, the rivet-free top and rotator technology gives the bag quite a bit of stability. 

There are six pockets on the VLS Lux Stand bag, and they are well-designed to work for all of your golf accessories and gear. If you want all the most important features of a golf bag in a premium and sharp looking model, the Vessel VLS Lux Stand Bag is a perfect choice. 

Vessel Signature Garment Duffel

The Vessel Signature Garment Duffel is a great solution for travel and work. If you are looking for something that works as both a duffel and a garment bag, the Signature Garment Duffel has you covered. The bag opens up flat, so your post-round attire will never wrinkle. In addition, there is a hanger hook inside to help carry up to three pieces of clothing. 

When the Vessel Signature Garment Duffel is zipped, it works as a regular duffel bag, perfect for heading on a flight and getting to your tee time in style. 

Vessel Lux Cart Bag 

The Vessel Lux Cart Bag is a perfect solution for golfers that like to take a cart to play a golf round. The Vessel Lux Cart Bag has two forward-facing pockets and a pocket over the cart strap to ensure you have access to all of your gear throughout the course of a round. In addition, there is a magnetic closure on the pockets. 

With the Vessel Lux Cart bag being larger in size, you benefit from plenty of storage. There is a cooler lined compartment, lockable valuables pocket, dual water bottle sleeves, and microfiber lined dividers. 

If you want a mix of impressive style and functionality, the Vessel Lux Cart Bag has you covered.

Final Thoughts 

The Vessel collection at Fairway Jockey has product styles and colors to work for any player. One of the best things about investing in premium golf equipment like Vessel is its longevity. These products are built to last and can hold up to the most serious golfers in the game. Keep a close eye on the Vessel collection at Fairway Jockey, as it changes often. 


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