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Voice Caddie SL3 GPS Laser Rangefinder (Hybrid Rangefinder)

Have you ever had difficulty choosing between a rangefinder and a GPS unit? You aren’t the only one! Voice Caddie realized this concern and created the Voice Caddie SL3 GPS Laser Rangefinder. With the all-new SL3, golfers can get a laser rangefinder and GPS technology all in one unit. Essentially, everything you need is in one place. Let’s take a look at the main functions and features of the Voice Caddie SL3 GPS Laser Rangefinder and determine if it could be a good fit for your golf game. 

Features and Benefits of the Voice Caddie SL3 GPS Laser Rangefinder 

The first thing you will notice about the Voice Caddie SL3 is that it incorporates a lot of technology into one unit. Pricing on the SL3 is a bit higher than a standard rangefinder or GPS because it combines both technologies. 

High-Resolution Touchscreen

The Voice Caddie SL3 GPS Laser rangefinder has a high-resolution touch screen that will make it easy to see things like green undulation and cour layouts. The learning curve for working with the touchscreen is incredibly easy. 

Multi Color OLED Display 

If you don’t get all the information you need by looking at the GPS, you can then switch to the scope, which has a bright multi-color OLED display. The clarity from the Voice Caddie SL3 Laser Rangefinder is quite impressive. 

Slope Compensation 

When looking through the scope, you can also get slope readings s well as pin tracer technology and stabilization. In other words, finding accurate yardage is not going to be a difficult process with the Voice Caddies SL3 GPS Laser Rangefinder. 

Putt View

Golfers are often quite concerned with the distances they have to the green, but there is no reason to neglect putting data when you are out on the golf course. The Putt View gives you elevation and distance as well as green undulation. 

With the green undulation technology being brand new, it is something that is available for about 15,000 courses, a little less than the 40,000 plus that you will have access to for GPS data. 

Who Will Benefit From The Voice Caddie SL3 GPS Laser Rangefinder? 

The great thing about the Voice Caddies SL3 GPS Laser Rangefinder is that you can be both a GPS person and a rangefinder person and benefit from this technology. You will find that on days when you can benefit from GPS data and visual imaging, you have it, and when you simply want a number to the pin, that is also available to you. 

Most golfers find that knowing where the pin is located but also knowing the front, back, and middle all at the same time gives the best combination of information to hit the ball close to the pin. 

Final Thoughts 

Fairway Jockey has the Voice Caddies SL3 GPS Laser rangefinder in stock. If you are ready to have all the data you could possibly need for your next round of golf, take a look at this brand-new release to the market. 


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