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What Does the VA Composites Drago Feel Like?

The VA Composites Drago Wood Shaft has a unique feel of stability and power, thanks to the fact that it has the stiffest bend profile and the stiffest butt and tip sections of all shafts in the VA Composites family. These stiff characteristics distinguish the Drago Wood Shaft from most shafts, and make it a preferred fit for stronger and more experienced players who are seeking a mid launch, low spin option to enhance their game.

VA created a one-of-a-kind propriety design to give the Drago wood shaft its stiffness and accordingly, the control it affords a player. The feel of this shaft is only enhanced by the use of the most exotic, prepreg materials in VA’s building process. These materials are high modulus from the leading supplier of high performance composite in Japan, and contribute to the overall performance capabilities of the Drago. 

We also offer  the VA Composites Drago Hybrid shaft on our website, which is also mid launch, low spin, with a very stiff bend profile.

Customize Your VA Composites Drago Shaft

On Fairway Jockey, all shafts have the ability to be customized to a player’s ideal specifications. For the VA Composites Drago Wood Shaft, the following customization options are available. 

  • Model (45, 55, 65, 75, or 85)
  • Flex (L, A, R, S, or X)
  • Shaft Adaptor Sleeve. Choose from brands like Callaway and Cobra King and your dexterity.
  • The option for SST PURE Alignment. This $30 upgrade is recommended: SST’s PURE alignment analyzes a shaft to find its most stable orientation, which can promote performance consistency.
  • Playing Length (42 to 46.5 inches, in 0.25 increments)
  • Grip. Choose your preferred brand (with options like Lamkin, Golf Pride, and Iomic Sticky) and color. 
  • Number of wraps of tape (one to three).

On the customization form, we also ask for information on the club head model and the loft used, which we use to ensure proper manufacturer tipping.

Fairway Jockey for Customization

Depending on your goals and experience level as a player, Fairway Jockey offers a diverse selection of custom shafts from numerous brands, alongside custom clubs, stock clubs, and golf balls. Ordering a customized club can be overwhelming at first because of the number of options available, but our certified experts are online and available by chat 24/7 to help to point you in the right direction. 

If you’re a stronger player who enjoys a low spin, stiff shaft like the Drago but are looking for other specifications, let us know what your ideal shaft would be. We will pair you with a few options to pick from that help you reach your golfing goals.


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