What Does VA Composites Nemesys Shaft Feel Like?

Many players seek a club that offers stability and strength. The VA Composites NEMESYS Shaft is a top market choice. Simply put, the NEMESYS is different from any other shaft on the market, and that comes down to how it was made: the VA Composites brand added tungsten powder to the butt section of the shaft. 

As heavier powder, this tungsten addition creates a greater sense of stability and power. As far as feel goes, its weight is much heavier, but it isn’t bulky or wider around its circumference like other shafts built for stability. The combination of the increased weight and standard circumference provide an unparalleled sense of control to a player. 

Specifically, VA Composites engineered the NEMESYS shaft for balance. To play against the heaviness of the butt, the tip section is lighter, and the tandem of the two together creates one of the highest balanced shafts available on the golf market today. The tip section is made with the highest grade composite material, making this shaft made by some of the highest quality materials on the market. 

NEMESYS Specifications

If you’re seeking a club that offers greater power and stability for your game, the NEMESYS is top of the list for many golfers thanks to its weight. On the Fairway Jockey website, players are able to choose and customize the NEMESYS shaft with the following specifications:

  • Model (45, 55, 65, 75)
  • Flex (L, A, R, S, or X)
  • Shaft adaptor sleeve preference, which includes options for both left and right dexterity and brands such as Cobra King, Mizuno, and TaylorMade
  • Playing length (between 42” to 46.5”)
  • Option to upgrade to SST Shaft Pure Alignment
  • Grip, featuring colors from orange to black and brands like Lamkin and Winn Dri-Tac
  • Number of wraps of tape

Additionally, we offer payment options: payment in full, or four interest free installments. We also offer free ground shipping on every order. You can always expect competitive pricing, as we know and value the investment of a customized club or set of clubs.

Fairway Jockey Build Process

Each Fairway Jockey shaft or club option features the ability to specify. We believe that every player should be picky when it comes to their clubs, and choose a shaft and head that’s right for them and their game. 

Each Fairway Jockey club is handcrafted by our team of experts in our home warehouse in Scottsdale, Arizona. The VA Composites NEMESYS Shaft is a wood shaft, but we also offer hybrid, iron, and putter shafts. Whether you’re looking for one club or a set, Fairway Jockey offers a host of brands and specifications to provide you with an abundance of possibilities, even as your game changes.